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Wireless charging technology or into the iPhone 8 the most intuitive change

Since the iPhone 7 has been on the iPhone 8 rumors have been heard, and this includes a borderless, fingerprint identification device in the glass screen below, to support wireless charging and so on.

According to the Japanese website Macotakara brought new news on the iPhone 8, Apple will launch this year’s 5-inch iPhone comes with a wireless charger, while the bundled Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone hole converter will be canceled.

It is said that this generation is a big improvement, so skip 7s, and on the iPhone 8 rumors are particularly high, wireless charging will be the user can feel the big change. On this point, there are at least two statements:

1, three new iPhone will support wireless charging, but only the most luxurious configuration that is before and after the whole glass body, it will be attached to the wireless charging device, the other two are required to buy separately;

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2, only three of the highest with, that is, 5-inch front and rear glass fuselage will support wireless charging, the other two do not support;

Wireless charging this form is not surprising, Samsung S7 mobile phone can be supported in the previous, but relatively wired way, the efficiency of wireless charging is low, and the heat is relatively large, do not know what way Apple can solve.

In addition, according to speculation, even if the support of wireless charging, according to Apple’s tone, they will not use Qi and other open standards, but their own research and development of a new way, like Apple Watch.

Wireless charging technology or into the iPhone 8 the most intuitive change

In addition to wireless charging, other analysis reports also mentioned that Apple will cancel the adapter in the phone that comes with the Lightning turn 3.5mm headphone hole. In fact, Apple has done so before, in the promotion of Lightning interface, in order to speed up the new interface, or to adapt to China and other countries related requirements, Apple has been included in the phone micro USB to Lightning adapter, has also been canceled.

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