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Who is the flagship of China’s smart phone industry

With the 2017 MWC approaching, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers this year’s most round of products will be the overall appearance, but for the average user, there are still some time to wait. 2017 Although the end of the year, but this year for the Chinese smart phone manufacturers, marketing war is the most bloody year ended, review 2017 mobile phone products, we can generally determine the direction of the overall industry in 2017.

Although the 2017 mobile phone market has always been to do a holistic comb, but has not dare to hands, a core reason is that in 2017 China’s smart phone manufacturers products and technology is too complicated, many products marketing means more than The product itself, which interferes with many people’s judgment about the product itself. Although the knife before the 2017 smart phone as a whole selling products to do the analysis, but the overall market in 2017 the most representative of the product has been difficult to make a relatively objective conclusion.

From the technical direction to measure the 2017 Chinese smart phone products, significantly better than the previous burst, individual products also showed a spirit of exploration for the future, which should be 2017 domestic smart phone products, the most amazing point.

Looking back 2017 the most specific representative and exploratory products, we can generally see the overall product trend in 2017, which is the knife to want to focus on the expression of the meaning.

Of course, the following report, is a highly personalized list, it only represents the knife personal personal view of China’s 2017 mobile phone products, and is not considered sales under the premise of the screening. If you consider from the objectivity, it may not stand too much scrutiny, or that there must be a hang million possible.

Who can represent the highest level of domestic mobile phone products in 2017, is the flagship of the industry. This is really a very difficult thing, before the presentation of the results, the swordsman need to comment on the list of dimensions to do a description.

First, the evaluation criteria

In terms of domestic products, or global products, 2017 Apple released iPhone 7 is still a symbol of a product. In terms of market performance, the overall international market, Apple products are still more than 200 million units sold in the global market share second, in this sense, iPhone series is still the most valuable mobile phone. Although many people do not like the iPhone, but with Andrews than its human nature, the use of advanced technology and product manufacturing process, is still the direction of all Andrews manufacturers efforts.

So far, Apple’s mobile phone is still the industry leader. So the knife of the review, still the iPhone 7 as a benchmark, from the user experience, manufacturing process, design, technological innovation, system update speed and product performance and other dimensions of the test, completely abandon the industry to run the main evaluation the way. Compared with the conventional evaluation to join the system update evaluation, mainly taking into account the current Andrews system products in the actual use of the process, all kinds of small problems continue, and manufacturers of mobile phone ROM development and update, not only reflects the user and aftermarket Attitude, but also more directly related to the availability of products and manufacturers of technical strength.

In this evaluation system, the knife from the user’s point of view of the use of technology and technology from the point of view, manufacturing process, design and innovative technology is important, it is practical to take into account the future of a consideration, after all, all mobile phones are Used to play, not run the sub-play.

The overall evaluation of the total score of 100 points, the specific weight processing is as follows:

Manufacturing process: 20

Design: 20

Innovative technology: 20

User experience: 15

System Update: 10

Comprehensive performance: 15

Second, who can represent the highest level of China’s mobile phone products in 2017?

1.2017 the strongest domestic industry flagship mobile phone – the industry’s flagship strongest industry – Huawei Mate 9 PRO

Manufacturing process: 18

Design: 17

Innovative technology: 17

User experience: 12

System Update: 9

Comprehensive performance: 13

Total points: 86

Knife view:

If there is no preconceived habitual thinking to judge, the Huawei Mate 9 PRO and iPhone 7 together, whether from the manufacturing process or industrial design, it is difficult to judge from the perception and feel who is better than those who choose the final results , Just like a different style.

Mate 9 PRO in terms of design and manufacturing process, compared with its predecessor Mate 8 (in fact Mate 9 is the previous generation Mate 8, Mate 9 PRO due to the use of the surface screen, and the screen reduced to 5.5 inches, in fact, and Mate 8 Comparable), have a large degree of improvement, in particular, Huawei for the first time using the surface screen, so that the original tough style in a number of flexible style, delicate, round, a little feminine aesthetic trend , But the whole has revealed a bit tough, its design and manufacturing process in the domestic machine is difficult to out of its right.

Although some manufacturers in China in 2017 began to use the surface screen, but the real energy supply products are not many. Controlled by the impact of the upper surface of the screen suppliers, the current domestic models in the surface of the screen products are available, Mate 9 PRO listed three months later today, still can not let go to buy.

Unlike Mate 9, the Mate 9 PRO uses a 5.5-inch curved screen, and the Mate 9 PRO is smaller, better and more suitable for women than the iPhone 7 Plus because of Huawei’s control over the screen User use.

System, Mate 9 series factory is Andrews 7.0, in the domestic model is the first one using Andrews 7.0 models. After the listing of several versions of the upgrade, the current system is relatively stable, and pay a screen to join the intelligent scenario need special instructions, although compared with the glorious Magic system, the degree of intelligence is still weaker, but the application of intelligent scenarios, It should be said that the next step in a smart phone to explore the direction of useful.

Why do you say that? At present, the application of smart phones are a single APP, start and use need to switch between different APP, and the use of intelligent scenarios, by calling the underlying APP data, the future can be directly in the sub-screen into the system to predict the application environment.

There is also a question here, why not Huawei Mate 9, P9 or other? Mate 9 has a larger screen, but the 6-inch screen to the user to bring the inconvenience may be greater than the more advantages, the same 6-inch screen in the user’s adaptability than the 5.5-inch screen to be smaller. At the same time as Mate 9 future use of curved screen, relatively speaking, the appearance is also a lot worse.

Overall, the Mate 9 PRO has a nice look, a high degree of recognition, a strong track record of Qualcomm’s 820 flagship, and second-generation Leica certified lenses, surface-screen use, fast fingerprint recognition, and chip-level security System is sufficient to represent the future direction of domestic mobile phones. This is a no matter from that side there is no short board of the product, if you have to find a weakness, that is, EMUI interaction and color, the icon’s beauty is still to improve.

The Most Innovative Industry Flagship in 2017 – Moto Z, Glory Magic

Moto Z

Manufacturing process: 17

Design: 16

Innovative Technology: 18

User experience: 11

System Update: 8

Comprehensive performance: 12

Total points: 82

Knife view:

This is a good product, but also a product from the beginning to locate some of the problems, but these can not cover up Moto Z own highly innovative product value.

Although Lenovo initially defined Moto Z as a modular phone, Moto Z, in fact, compared to Google’s modular experimental product, should be called a modular mobile phone with extended functionality. The reason for this is that, Moto Z, whether it is a camera module, music module or projection module, etc., are not the basic function of the modular design, on the whole, Moto Z first is a good performance and function of the product, and then is a scalable function The phone.

In terms of design, compared with the market more than 90% of the mobile phone Apple design trends compared to Moto Z’s design enough personalized, highly recognizable, this trend of the design style is a certain degree of market risk , But in fact, although Moto Z did not use the convergence of the design style, but the overall design is still remarkable, and in terms of thickness is enough to disdain for the pack.

Although Moto Z’s expansion module with the Hasselblad module, but its own in the camera’s advantage is still obvious, this is particularly rare. Speaking of modules, we must improve the current overall smart phone technology bottlenecks, subject to the size of the fuselage and endurance limitations, smart phones in the case of excess performance, camera, music, projection and other users need to actually can not Satisfied in the phone itself to strengthen these features is no longer possible. And Lenovo Moto Z through a modular design, so that these personalized needs have been greatly improved, this is a great risk to try, but its innovative spirit is still worthy of our affirmation.

Overall, Moto Z is a powerful, well-designed flagship mobile phone, and its modular design in the extended function, for smart phones in a more professional needs of the solution, provides a New way.

Glory Magic

Manufacturing process: 18

Design: 17

Innovative technology: 17

User experience: 12

System Update: 7

Comprehensive performance: 10

Total points: 81

Knife view:

After the release of Magic Magic, the industry some comments are Huawei for the introduction of a small MIX conceptual mobile phone, but from the product point of view, the glory of Magic and millet MIX is not a half hair relationship. Objectively speaking, millet MIX is just a comprehensive screen, and its self-timer, handset and other aspects of anti-human design, in fact, shows that this product itself is no innovation at all, if for the full screen and give up the most mobile phone Commonly used functions, then this innovation itself is not valuable at the same time also easy to let other manufacturers to follow.

Glory Magic Like a cobbled shape, it is a bit more beautiful than a creative man-made interaction innovation that its Magic Live brings in spite of its beauty, but its design and excellent craftsmanship is still insignificant.

Glory Magic combines hardware and software to a new level, hardware-aware and computing, user behavior recognition (fingerprint recognition, GPS orientation perception, light perception, distance perception), and Magic Live system on smart phones for the first time Through the data analysis of the active service, which is the smart phone to the real budding artificial intelligence.

In the Magic Live system, through the intelligent scene recognition, shopping in the phone can not only shop around, the same can be identified by the scene, you can switch to Magic Auto driving mode, or you can take the initiative to show you the ticket ticket code and many more. In fact, in life through the system of learning, Magic Live can provide you with more active services.

Smart phones from passive to active services, is the overall trend of the development of intelligent terminals, although we are now called mobile phones smart phones, but in fact, smart phones from the real artificial intelligence is still far worse, but the glory Magic let us see To the future direction.

On the glory of Magic, may be subject to R & D started earlier, and did not use Huawei’s latest Kirin 960CPU, but the use of the previous generation of unicorn 950, the performance may be some shortcomings, and 2900 mAh battery capacity also let Its endurance is weak, but all this does not affect the glory of Magic’s own light.

The strongest industry flagship selected models: 1 plus 3T, millet MIX, vivo Xplay6, Meizu PRO 6 Plus.

The overall performance of several models are sufficient to represent the highest level of 2017, the design of their own characteristics, handling performance is also good enough, but from the industry and the future point of view, they are still in front of three models are distance, Not on the sections of the product to do the details of the comments.

Who can represent the highest level of China’s mobile phone products in 2017, which has nothing to do with speculation, nor the feelings, the need is in the popularity of the technical direction of the extreme program, but also in the application of new technology bold and meticulous innovation, review 2017 domestic mobile phone Products, such products are still rare.

This is a personal point of view, the entire evaluation criteria is also personalized treatment. Again, this evaluation, but the knife is based on the 2017 mobile phone industry changes in the premise of the value of the judge, regardless of market sales, they bring the mobile phone industry may be a comprehensive experience in a direction.

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