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Who can seize the new round of smart phone market Fortune cake

Smart phone market cake is huge, like a can not calculate the reserves of gold. But to dig this big gold mine must have real ability, or can only dig a slag or very low content of ore.

With the entire social economy, culture, entertainment, consumer finance, and so almost all industries are rapidly moving to the palm of your hand on the mobile Internet fast transfer, as a mobile Internet tool carrier smart phone or mobile phone market potential is very great.

Be sure to let go of the field of vision, the complete release of their imagination, to look at the mobile Internet or smart phones. Through the phenomenon to see the essence, as long as careful observation, everywhere can peep the mobile Internet gold reserves of this large. A phenomenon can be seen everywhere: everywhere, everywhere, the station, airport, dock, family, bed, toilet and so on, as long as you can see people or people can see are bowing in the phone, looks almost all Relatives are in the phone, like the phone has a very attractive baby. Everyone on the mobile phone activities, are staring at the palm of the palm of a small cell phone, imagine the wealth behind the storage is how great and endless.

Can be concluded that about three to five years of social and economic activities, all kinds of resource allocation, a variety of commercial sales and transactions, in a nutshell: at least 50% of the economic transactions and behavior will be in your palm on the phone to complete. All the capital and investors do not put the resources here to vote and where to vote? What’s the cake here? Just list the total retail sales of social goods as a whole indicator to look at.

China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods in 2017 33231.6 billion, of which the annual online retail sales of 5155600000000 yuan, accounting for only 15.5%. If the development of online shopping in 2020 to account for the total retail sales of social consumer goods 50%, then the conservative estimate of online shopping will reach 20 trillion yuan, namely: the next four years there are about 15 trillion online shopping cake. This is just the tip of the economy. Other financial, including mobile communications and smart phone industry and other economic and economic development will be unimaginable great wealth opportunities.

This first directly determines the global smart phone or mobile phone computer huge development of unprecedented market opportunities. From the smart phone’s own function, all economic and social culture and even political activities are moving to the mobile Internet, forcing the smart phone function must be unlimited expansion and extension. Unlimited extension of the function, unlimited expansion of storage capacity, customer experience is getting better and higher requirements, endurance is very urgent. A clear goal of this requirement is that the smartphone features far more than the functionality of the desktop computer. For example, mobile video, voice, camera and other functions should be more than the desktop computer. This is still a long journey, but also determines the future of the smart phone market potential is not only infinite, and very strong and very long.

Counterpoint data show that in 2017 the global smart phone shipments close to 1.5 billion, the Chinese brand shipments totaled 465 million, contributing to the global shipments of 1/3, of which Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Jin Li 4 Brand occupied the Chinese brand shipments of 77% of the total. However, the Chinese brand mobile phone in 2017 although shipments reached a record high, but the chain growth of only 6%. Although this growth rate is higher than the global growth rate of 2.3%, but for the mature Europe and the United States and South Korea market, in the “hot period” of the Chinese smart phone growth rate is still not high.

US Apple and South Korea’s Samsung smart phone market share is still high. The total number of mobile phone manufacturers in the world’s top five mobile phones was Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OPPO and vivo, and the market share was 21.2%, 14.6%, 9.5%, 6.8% and 5.3% respectively. Samsung and Apple accounted for 35.8% of market share, China’s three companies accounted for only 21.6%.

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At the same time, from the Counterpoint data can be seen, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are also in the shuffle stage, the development of polarization. Among them, OPPO, vivo, Jinli, Huawei, Meizu show rapid growth, OPPO growth of up to 109%, vivo growth of 78%, Jin Li and Huawei increased 21%, Meizu growth of 18%. While ZTE, millet, cool and Lenovo mobile phone shipments fell, including millet down 22%, Lenovo fell nearly 80%. This reflects the Chinese smart phone virtual fire more prosperous, the concept of speculation more popular. This is one of the reasons that led to polarization, and some smart phones slipped significantly. But also reflects the Chinese smart phone manufacturers and the market is not mature.

China’s smart phone market to dominate the world, must be out of a road to innovation, research and development of the road. Apple phone can dominate the time so long, is to take this road. Advertising overwhelming, and even the concept of speculation invested heavily, should be built on this basis. Some companies in China are ups and downs, suffer their own lack of core competitiveness, over-reliance on the concept of speculation, a serious lack of innovation and research and development capabilities.

Here have to mention Huawei. China’s smart phone manufacturers are like Huawei, as the effort to flutter in innovation and research and development capabilities to enhance, will be down to earth, step by step footprints to occupy the smart phone market. For smart phones such as consumer electronics market, competition is very intense, requiring producers to have almost every day innovative things, otherwise, there will be out of danger. Huawei is the world recognized innovation ability is very strong business. Most importantly, Huawei uses its own processor (chip) on Mate9. This is a test and test Huawei innovation R & D effect mark.

Huawei R & D capability has stood the test. I note that recently, the US science and technology test site ANANDTECH PCMark on the use of smart phones to do the application test, test results Huawei Mate9 far ahead of other mobile phones, outstanding performance. Overall performance, Huawei Mate9, P9, Mate8 occupy the top three list. The agency said it benefited from Huawei’s recent flagship processor using its own unicorn system chip. The test organization said, Kirin 950 series chip performance more than Samsung 8890 and Qualcomm 820, as Mate9 on the use of the unicorn 960 even more powerful. Breaking the history of China without smartphone chips.

In short, the smart phone market cake is huge, like a can not calculate the reserves of large gold mine. But to dig this big gold mine must have real ability, or can only dig a slag or very low content of ore.

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