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What will smartphone develop in the future?

What will smartphone develop in the future?

Smart phones currently firmly occupy the high-end mobile phone market
Today, smart phones have been firmly among the mainstream mobile phone market. According to the authority of the market research firm IDC at the end of last year announced the data in the report, the global mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of 2004 driven by smart phones, compared with same period last year increased by 29.3% to 152.7 million, of which smart phones Volume surged 85.8% over the same period last year. At the same time from the domestic report shows that the first quarter of 2004, China’s smart phone market sales reached 655,000, total sales reached 1.94 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2003 sales rose 195.05%. The two reports also show that the current smart phone market is in a period of rapid development.

From the mobile phone technology development direction, the future of 3G technology also determines the smart phone will gradually replace the current traditional mobile phone and unified mobile world. Smart phones in the development and 3G technology accompanied by Health, it is the mobile communication terminal and PC fusion products. Smart phone to 2.5G terminal image of the new things have been the media as “3G mobile phone stepping stone”, “3G touchstone.” Mobile phone operators have realized that, as smart phones and 3G mobile phones have a lot of fit, smart phones have become the major manufacturers into the field of 3G terminal battle rehearsal, smart phones in the product breakthroughs will become mobile phone developers in the future 3G battle in the important foundation and experience. Now we can see that the ever-changing smart phone is step by step to open the door to 3G world.

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However, in a prosperous behind, smart phones also conceal their development problems encountered. Smart phones have not a unified operating system standards, based on different operating systems, smart phones are almost fragmented, which makes the survival of smart phones soil – scalability has been seriously affected in the long run this aspect of the internal friction will be Will bring no small destructive power. For operating system incompatibility issues, smartphone developers have begun to develop and develop a standard operating system, its advent will make this problem solved.

From the future development of mobile phones, mobile phone technology development direction will be “3C integration” (computer, communications products, consumer electronics products) and “3 network integration” (Internet, telecommunications network, wide power grid). The future of mobile phone market competition will become more and more intense, and has the inherent advantages of smart phones just in line with “3C integration” and “3 network integration” development trend, it will dominate the future mobile phone market dominance. I believe there will be more and more mobile phone manufacturers to more clearly see the mobile phone technology and product intelligence development trend, so as to better grasp the mobile phone industry now and the future.

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