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what kind of mobile phone to buy next year

These ten trends for reference

2016 will soon be over, look back at this year’s smart phone market, I feel there is not much surprise, but a lot of shock, such as Note 7 fire recalls. Of course, smart phones have matured, technology and development slowdown is inevitable, but next year there are still some worth the wait. Want to find out what kind of mobile phone to buy next year? Take a look at the following.

1. New design

Brought by the iPhone design ideas have been extended for 10 years, rectangular, large screen shape has been so that consumers Shenmeipilao. But it is clear that there is no doubt that the mobile phone from the inherent trend of flexible form, there is no doubt. Including Samsung, LG and other manufacturers are committed to the development of flexible devices, although not necessarily in the next real listing, but most likely to show a more mature form.

2. Faster processor

There is no doubt that mobile phone hardware every year in progress, especially the processor. Qualcomm has announced the Xiaolong 835, using 10-nanometer process, clocked at 3GHz; MediaTek’s Helio X30 10-core processor is the choice of midrange models, while Apple’s A11 Fusion may later. More powerful processing power, so that mobile phone performance closer to the PC, for AR / VR applications such as the trend is of positive significance.

3. Move the VR

This year, Google’s Daydream has let people see the future of mobile VR look like: low head, optimized interface and operation, and a wealth of video and gaming content. Soon, support for Daydream third-party mobile phones and head show will also be on stage, 2017 mobile VR applications will become more popular.

4. Faster LTE

5G will not come soon, 4G LTE in a period of time is still the mainstream, and has improved the space. This year’s Samsung S7 and Apple iPhone 7 and can achieve a maximum downlink speed of 600Mbps, and next year’s high-pass Xlang X16 chip can bring 1Gbps rate is expected in the second half of 2017 will gradually spread.

5. USB-C interface

More and more electronic devices began to abandon the traditional USB, using the latest USB-C interface, Android phone is one of the representatives. USB-C can not only plug anyway, but also integrated display, audio output, means that 3.5, mm headset interface will be slowly replaced.

6. Wireless audio

The emergence of the iPhone 7 to become a popular wireless headset accessories, although the way Apple is not very take care of the user experience. But from another point of view, the wireless headset is indeed more convenient, more no sense of restraint, I believe mobile phone manufacturers will begin to slowly cancel the 3.5mm interface, and USB-C with completely change the phone’s interface design.

7. Fast charge

what kind of mobile phone to buy next year

Qualcomm’s latest fast charge 4.0 has been able to achieve charging 5 minutes to obtain 5 hours of amazing battery life performance, no significant improvement in battery technology in the case, is clearly necessary. Expected, fast charge 4.0 mobile phone will appear gradually in the first half of 2017 in the market.

8. AR and AI

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango AR technology has been released, users can scan objects through the depth of field, measuring the distance and length, run interactive AR games, this is a smart phone experience a great new case. Not only AR, Google, Apple is also actively developing AI technology, through the depth of learning to improve cell phone battery life, better understanding of user voice commands, the development of mobile phone AI will also be long-term and continuous.

9. Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is also expected to become smart phones in 2017 widely used new technologies, the maximum distance of up to 400 meters, even with obstacles, but also can reach 120 meters. This means that Bluetooth speakers, headphones will have a more stable connectivity; the same time for the impact of Internet of things is also positive.

10. Store

This year, 256GB storage phone has appeared, but the price is often more expensive. Recently, SanDisk has released a 1TB SD card, which means that flash memory will be further large capacity, the price will be lower and lower, next year 256GB mobile phone prices may be quite 128GB this year.

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