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Warrior ordered to stop with a mobile phone: the location of personal information leaked

On the evening of February 14, the first group of brigade brigade joint inspection team sent a regular inspection of the sentry point of duty, line to the door of the camp, happened to take the takeaway Cheoch Zhang.

Inspector of the Inspector Section tour Peng asked up and asked, Xiao Zhang is through the mobile phone software booking take-away, and then look at the staff of the mobile phone screen, not only Zhang’s identity information is complete, even the camp location is also precise positioning. Travel chief immediately let the staff to remove the relevant information, and the matter reported to travel.

“In the education, Youpeng told officers and men, mobile phone taxi, take-away and other software is dependent on the” location-based services “technology, usually in the background of the mobile phone system, but also in the mobile phone system, Forced to start and locate. Officers and soldiers once issued a reservation information, it will not only exposed the specific location of the troops, but also reveal personal identity information.

Recently, the brigade to “alert the mobile phone software behind the black hand” as the theme of education, research and development of “smart phone management and use of rules”, strictly prohibit the use of mobile phone software in case of hidden problems.
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