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volkswagen diesel vehicle cheat door calling as the disappeared mobile phone

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said in a court document that it could not find 23 mobile phones that Volkswagen Group lost or damaged in a diesel cheat investigation, “The behavior of the phone.

volkswagen diesel vehicle cheat door calling as the disappeared mobile phone

FTC lawyers said in the file, “in the investigation of the whole cheating scandal, 23 lost or damaged cell phone is actually very dangerous evidence, especially when there are important figures in the phone call records.Mobile said nothing to see, investigate Should not stay in the phone, FTC will not accept this rhetoric.

As a consumer protection and antitrust organization, the FTC has asked the San Francisco court to review consumer and government agencies’ complaints to the public and to increase scrutiny of VW Group witness Manuel Sanchez. Although the US Department of Public Affairs claimed that the designated witness had answered a number of questions, the FTC said that when asked whether the public had intentionally destroyed the evidence, the witness answered “vague” or directly avoided talk.

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Sanchez “was either not ready or could not provide a worthwhile answer,” FTC said. Sanchez answered no fewer than 250 words of “do not know” or agree to the word, even if it was able to answer questions , Did not give the answer. The FTC said the issue included whether 23 mobile phones were lost or “destroyed”.

Erik Gordon, a professor of law at the University of Michigan, says any evidence of disappearance means illegal behavior and potential penalties are likely to increase. “The government will soon believe that the VW Group and its top executives are hampering the administration of justice, and the FTC would say that the statement that the public is working with regulators is just a hoax that is meant to mislead regulators,” Gordon said.

Commissioned by: FTC in exert pressure

Previously, the Volkswagen Group has reached a total of $ 16.5 billion in deals with US users, distributors and government regulators for a total of 480,000 2.0-liter diesel vehicles. Regarding the repurchase or repair of a 3.0-liter diesel vehicle, the Volkswagen Group will report the progress to the court on December 16.

Last year, the Volkswagen Group Superintendent commissioned Jones Day, an American law firm, to conduct an internal investigation. The public set up a special committee to investigate the six members of the public cheating incident, and directly to the US judiciary and the General Assembly to report.

December 1, the public response to the FTC survey, said the FTC approach is 3.0 liters of diesel vehicles to the Volkswagen Group to impose legal pressure to negotiate, want to get detailed information on cheating incident investigation. However, the public that the information obtained by the investigation is not only not publicized, even the US branch of the public have no right to know.

The hearing on FTC requirements will take place on December 22nd.

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