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this thing is only nail covered so much is a mobile phone remote control

Smart phones seem to have become indispensable in our daily life digital products, in many places need to use it, usually it is in our hands, but if the smart phone is not around us, but want to achieve it Remote control, how should we do? There is no way to do before, but now we have a new choice, that is, Qmote smart phone remote control.

this thing is only nail covered so much is a mobile phone remote control

Qmote design looks like a delicate golden leaf, combined with aesthetics and practicality, it is simple to use, with only one button on the phone can be achieved remote control, when you wake up in the morning when the phone rings the phone is not around , This time you can use Qmote off the phone alarm, you can use it as a slideshow controller, you can also open a car navigation through it, in addition, because of its waterproof function, you do not have to worry about its use of the environment will Subject to any restrictions.

Qmote need to be used before the custom configuration on the APP, you can choose according to their own preferences different button clicks, such as a few clicks to open the flash, a few clicks to open the dial-up keyboard or camera and so on.

Qmote using Bluetooth 4.0 to connect smart phones, through the Qmote APP pairing operation, which built-in replacement CR1620 chip battery can be maintained up to one year of use time, its size is 3.9 * 3.3 * 0.5 cm, weight 6 grams, can Compatible with iPhone4s and above, iPad3 and above, and Android 4.4 and later smart devices.

At present this product is kickstarter on the public chips, priced at about 97 yuan.

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