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this is the most conscientious operator t-mobile three times a year free replacement phone

In the era of smart phones, users a year for a replacement more and more common. Recently, the US mobile operator T-Mobile launched a stunning new service, users can within three times a year free replacement of the latest smart phones.

In the United States, the vast majority of high-end smart phones, through the contract machine (or installments) way through the operator to sell to users. The exclusive access to the excellent mobile phone, but also from other operators, one of the means of streaming users.

Recently, T-Mobile launched a new user free replacement program, called “JumponDemand”, all new mobile phones to implement 18-month installment model.

According to the US technology news site PCWorld reports, T-Mobile’s loyalty of the executives responsible for user-Tanefu (Matt-Staneff), said, and the industry average, compared to T-Mobile to upgrade new phones faster, The company hopes to allow users to upgrade to the latest mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

According to reports, T-Mobile this is an upgrade to the old version of the mobile phone upgrade. Currently in the company 57 million users, there are already 10 million people to become mobile phone upgrade program users.

T-Mobile canceled a special $ 10 per month fee for the replacement of a new phone and three more times a year, compared to the old replacement plan, but the user also needs to pay $ 8 per month as a mobile phone premium.

In this way, once Apple, Samsung Electronics, Motorola Mobile and other companies through T-Mobile sales of the latest mobile phones, users can replace anytime, no longer as in the past by the expiration of the bondage.

this is the most conscientious operator t-mobile three times a year free replacement phone

Obviously, the replacement of new phones three times a year will result in a large number of T-Mobile mobile phones and the official refurbished second-hand mobile phones. The company will replace these phones for the warranty, or discount sales to consumers.

For low-income network, T-Mobile will also provide a large number of more favorable prices of the official refurbished machines.

Media analysts believe that such a replacement program for T-Mobile and consumers are a win-win situation. Consumers can experience the latest mobile phone. In addition, as the United States mobile communications industry’s most famous “subversive” innovators, T-Mobile has been canceled before the two-year contract system, so the new 18-month installment system, will become a means to retain users.

It is reported that if the user halfway back network, you need to pay the new T-Mobile mobile phone the remaining (bare metal price) costs.

According to reports, the current four major US mobile communications companies, have launched a contract period ahead of time for mobile phone services, and T-Mobile’s policy is more favorable.

In Verizon Wireless, if you want to change to a new phone, the user first need to pay the old phone complete bare metal prices. Sprint is allowed to replace the machine once in 12 months, but need to pay an additional $ 10 per month.

In AT & T’s best-of-breed program, users can upgrade a new phone once a year, but pay the full price of the old phone.

As with T-Mobile, all mobile operators take the user’s handsets, sell them through other channels, or sell them as official refurbished machines to our new customers.

US media analysts pointed out that mobile operators launched a more frequent mobile phone upgrade plan, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE, a Canadian and other Chinese manufacturers.

As we all know, more and more unwilling to be bound by two years of consumers, they began to buy the full price of bare metal, Apple’s new iPhone and Samsung’s new flagship phone bare metal prices are generally $ 650 for the average monthly income of $ 3,000 The US public in terms of burden is not light, while the Chinese manufacturers in the United States to provide a more cost-effective bare metal, the price is only about half of high-end brands, by consumers.

However, in the introduction of mobile phone operators to replace the new plan after the mobile phone, non-contract users will reduce the one-time purchase of the burden, which will affect China’s cost-effective mobile phone products attractive.
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