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the whole people to play mobile phones after three or five years of eye blindness will be a large outbreak

Recently, the Internet circulated an “alert: three to five years after the outbreak of blindness will be a large area!” “Pointed out that because of modern smart phones, computers and other electronic products over-reliance on the screen in high-frequency blue light will greatly increase the risk of people suffering from eye diseases. Blu-ray hazards so terrible? Life should be how to effectively protect Blu-ray?

What is Blu-ray?

Light is divided into visible and invisible light two categories, including visible light refers to the human vision can feel the spectrum, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, seven colors, blue light belongs to the visible light , The wavelength between 400-500 nm, we feel the color of the human eye is blue, so this band of light is called blue.

Because the wavelength of blue light is relatively short, so the energy than red and green light high, can directly penetrate the crystal directly to the retina. However, blue light is not all harmful, the wavelength of 415-455 nm within the blue light, in some animal experiments have been shown to damage the retina. And 455 to 500 nm between the blue light is useful, with regulation of circadian rhythm, dark vision and the impact of refractive development and other important role.

In daily life, all kinds of Yuba, flat panel displays, fluorescent lamps, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones screen, LED lights and other new artificial light and sunlight emitted visible light contains blue.

Blue light can increase the risk of retinopathy?

Blu-ray to some extent does damage the eyesight, the French National Health Security Council has warned: “long-term, close, repeated exposure to a large number of blue light LED light beam, due to oxidative stress, may increase retinal cataracts and Lesion risk. ” However, the French researchers also said that, including the sun, including all the white light is blue. If the screen blue light is harmful, then compared with the sun, these hazards are negligible.

Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology associate researcher Liu Hongwei in “” Blu-ray “there is so terrible? “The article pointed out that, under normal circumstances, our body has a protective mechanism for light damage. In addition to the cornea, the lens can absorb part of the light, the pupil changes also have a protective effect. When a large number of light into the eye, the pupil will be reduced, when the light is weak, the pupil will enlarge. In addition, our body also has antioxidant system to protect us from damage. Only when the light into the eye too much, or light irradiation time is too long, coupled with the body’s antioxidant capacity weakened, there will be fundus lesions.

Eye exposure to high-frequency blue light in a long time before they may damage the retina

the whole people to play mobile phones after three or five years of eye blindness will be a large outbreak

Experts stressed that the harmful effects of blue light should not be exaggerated. In fact, only the human eye for a long time exposure to high-frequency, high-energy blue light, will produce damage to the retina. And this blue light excessive environment and our daily lives in the environment there is still a difference, it should not be blue and “retinal damage” equate.

In fact, because the human eye for Blu-ray has a certain degree of protection, most of the blue light will be our macular pigment and lens filter out. But the lens filter function is not a good person, that is, children before puberty, who had cataract surgery and less accumulation of macular pigment in the elderly, these people need more vigilance and strengthen the protection of blue light.

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Bluray can cause macular degeneration? Experts: complex reasons

In addition, the rumors mentioned in the “blue light can cause macular degeneration”, Liu Hongwei: “The reasons for age-related macular degeneration complex, Blu-ray is only one factor, so only against Blu-ray is undesirable.We should know that not only Blu- , All the light can cause damage to our macula, we should stay away from too much light, put an end to unnecessary light. “

How to protect the life of the hazards of Blu-ray?

Experts suggest that life, if you want to protect against the hazards of blue light, on the one hand, pay attention to the life of the light source, to avoid excessive light exposure to the eye; indoor lighting should not be too bright; go out should wear sunglasses or discoloration mirror to avoid direct light into the eye; When using the computer, the screen brightness should be dimmed, can be time to rest for a few minutes.

On the other hand, under the guidance of a doctor wearing a qualified anti-blue glasses. Currently on the market are divided into two kinds of anti-blue glasses, one is the surface layer of the lens can be reflected in a layer of short-wave blue light film, can block about 15% to 35% of harmful blue light, colorless and transparent lenses; Species through the infiltration of the pigment into the lens material, the pigment to absorb blue light, the anti-blue lens effect is better than the film reflective film, the lens was light yellow.

However, there is a need for people in the selection of glasses, the seller should be vigilant over-marketing, selection of quality, specifications are qualified products. Currently on the market of anti-Blu-ray glasses filled with a large number of products do not meet the reference standard, as well as some lens sample packaging logo does not meet the requirements. Eye health for the crowd, the key is not to protect the glasses to wear anti-blue glasses, but to control their own, try to avoid staring at electronic products for a long time to see.

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