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the united states only 15 percent of the wp mobile phone running windows 10 mobile

AdDuplex has just released in November of the “Windows Device Statistics Report”, as we accurately depict the global status of Windows Phone smartphone. This issue is based on about 5,000 WP devices running the AdDuplex SDK V.2 (and above), which claims to have more than 10,000 applications using its SDK. Lumia 640 (26.2%) and Lumia 635 (22%) are the number-one Windows Phone devices in the US market, and Lumia 950 ranks fourth with 3.8% share.

If you look at Windows 10 Mobile devices only, then the Lumia 640 ranked first (20.2%), while the Lumia 950 followed by 19.%.

As for the products of third-party manufacturers, AdDuplex pointed out that HP Elite x3 ranked No. 9, Alcatel Idol 4s ranked No. 16.

The current share of Windows 10 Mobile in the world is still maintained at about 15%, indicating the “mobile priority Windows app” (common Windows applications) face an obstacle.

It is gratifying that the annual update has been running in the United States (and the rest of the world market) more than 90% of the WP mobile phone, which may hope to encourage more developers to increase investment in the platform.

AdDuplex also shared some interesting data from the US market, not surprisingly, as Microsoft and Nokia have long been a partner, AT & T has 42% of Windows 10 Mobile users.

According to AdDuplex, the new Alcatel Idol 4S (T-Mobile exclusive underwriting) will help the operator increase Windows 10 Mobile subscriber base to 15.6%.

Desktop platform, the new data show that the annual update is now running on more than 80% of the Windows 10 PC (the United States and other markets around the world).

Interestingly, there are still 2.9% of the world who run the Windows 10 1507 version.

AdDuplex pointed out that, in general, Windows in the mobile field is not much change. However, some people have a different view, after all, T-Mobile’s exclusive underwriting Alcatel Idol 4S Elite x3 than the HP to be much more popular.

Of course, we need to wait until the new data released in order to confirm this speculation.

the united states only 15 percent of the wp mobile phone running windows 10 mobile

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