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the secret selling gold mobile phone

As the most concerned about the current digital consumer goods category, the smart phone industry, every move has been widespread concern. I believe we started slowly from last year, mobile phone manufacturers began to find some image spokesmen for their own product platform. If from a positive point of view, this approach to improve customer loyalty, attracting outside attention or even establish a brand image has a small role.

Among the many mobile phone brands, domestic brands Jinli can be said to be the first to invite the image of one of the spokesmen of the early years of “gold quality of the world legislation,” the ad language has long been popular. Into 2016, the same action Jin frequent, has invited a number of well-known figures for the product endorsement. Next we take a moment to take a look at this year’s endorsement of Jin Li smart phone celebrity.

In March this year, Google artificial intelligence AlphaGo and Korea Go world champion Li Shishi Kudan man-machine confrontation let the world be amazed, the final AlphaGo to 4: 1 victory over Li Shishi. In the ensuing, the world go chess rank ranked No. 1 Kelvin Kudos will challenge AlphaGo, Jin Li smart phone action quickly, and Ke Jie reached brand endorsement agreement, and full support for Ke Jie challenge AlphaGo.

The endorsement is a perfect cross-border event marketing case. With the topic of hot war Weiqi war, plus Ke Jie in the go sector influence and reputation, Jin Li smart phones successfully reached the event marketing, not only caught the current hot but also with their own products, “Super Life” selling point Combined, can be described as full blast point.

the secret selling gold mobile phone

A few months after the June 20, Jin in the official micro-blog and WeChat platform announced the invitation of the famous director Feng Xiaogang and Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue as a spokesperson for the brand image, while the two spokesmen of the Jin exclusive industrial brand has also been exposed. This news instantly detonated almost all social platforms. In this regard, the official micro-official said: “One is the winner took the Golden Horse Award, China’s most influential director, a fashion” tide of God, “the film star, their debut for many years, fruitful … … they are Feng Xiaogang , Shawn Yue! Welcome to the two mobile phones together with the Jin, open a new journey of super-life!

Sure enough, in a month after we Jinli M6 M6 Plus conference to see Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue figure, while they starred in the video “mobile phone core battle” is also the first appearance of the conference. One is by virtue of the “old gun” to get the famous director of the Golden Horse Award winner, one in the Hong Kong entertainment industry has high popularity of high-quality sportsman, two people at the same time for the Jin Li super mobile M6 M6 Plus platform, Products quickly become a popular talk about the street models. During the Rio Olympic Games, Kim spent a lot of money to buy the Olympic event patch advertising, “built-in security encryption chip” as the Jin M6 M6 Plus synonymous.

Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue’s endorsement combination is just paste Jinli M6 M6 Plus product positioning, on the one hand, strong endurance and bank-level security protection by the business people’s appreciation; the other hand, fashion design is also loved by young people. And these two selling points and Feng Xiaogang just the personal attributes and fit, called perfect.

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Just a few days ago, December 5, Jin Li smart phone and then a big move: Jin Li Yu Lei, vice president of Sina microblogging announced that Xu Fan Jin Lixin become the brand spokesperson. The news again to Jin Li smart phones sent a hot topic in the forefront.

Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan married more than ten years, along the way to support each other, known as a model of family happiness. Feng Xiaogang original “Feng humor” comedy style, known as the “father of Chinese New Year film”, Xu Fan is repeatedly in the Feng Xiaogang film starring, and his wife concentric, but also the ” With works for the audience to bring countless pleasure. One side is the “happy life” concept representative, one side is the “science and technology Yue life” as a brand advocate practitioner, Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan and Jin Li’s cooperation, in fact, is the result of a value resonance.

Jin Li smart phones over the years committed to China’s high-end manufacturing, innovative product design, strengthen technology research and development capabilities. “Science and technology to create, intelligent experience, happy life”, which is Jin “science and technology Yue life” interpretation, but also Jin and Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan fit value. Adhere to speak with the quality, for consumers to create a more pleasant experience, so that the battle of the war in the warlords successfully seize the high-end mobile phone market share. From the initial “gold quality, legislation the world” to “science and technology Yue life” brand concept change, the positioning of Jin increasingly clear, the future direction of development is also more clear.

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