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The reason why Google Pixel smart mobile phones does not support waterproof is because time tight task heavy

Google’s annual flagship Google Pixel smart mobile phones on the discussion has been endless, this new natural son of Google is the scenery is infinite. However, we will also ask: Why do not Google phone made waterproof it? Obviously IP53-level waterproof basically belongs to “no eggs with.”

IP53 level of water can only withstand the top of the phone 60 degrees hit the spray and the water droplets, meaning probably in the drizzle or call no problem. However, in the current IP68-level Samsung has done dust and water, Apple also supports waterproof, why Google is still stagnant it? Recently, David Pierce of WIRED consulted the Google staff when he participated in a Google podcast, and Google’s answer was simple: no time.
the reason why google pixel smart mobile phones does not support waterproof is because time tight task heavy

In fact, Google wants to add a waterproof feature to the phone plan for a long time, but when 2016 in the past, Google had to restart, but only 9 months from the release of mobile phone time, even for such a big company Google Said, is also very difficult, because also with HTC coordination and cooperation. Although the release of Google Pixel smart mobile phones some catch, but the positive response from the market point of view, the future is still very bright. Samsung Note7’s delisting also gave Google an excellent opportunity to believe that many Samsung users will consider buying Google’s Pixel mobile phone.

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