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the mobile phone was stolen by locals found in the police station

Use of location, Ms. Wang found himself in the street was robbed of the mobile phone in the police station. This is how is it? It turned out that she intends to report to the police, the police arrested the suspects just robbed.

Since the beginning of July this year, more than high-tech road around the snatch case occurred. After the incident, the police took the incident to the surrounding surveillance video, and soon locked the two suspects physical characteristics.

High-tech branch of high-tech road police station undercover squadron captain Li Yu will be undercover team soldiers were divided into two groups, respectively, prone areas and suspects may appear on the road waiting for inspection. August, 8 evening 10 pm, plainclothes players in the fish near the road found two suspects traces.

Police immediately track the two men, 11 pm, in the two Ganzhaizhai captured. At that time, the police ride in the two electric bike seat found under a mobile phone. The face of the inquiry, the two did not know the mobile phone’s password, but also can not tell the source of mobile phones. While police will be two back to the police station for further investigation, Ms. Wang to the police station, said the afternoon, her cell phone was two men riding electric bikes away. Snatched her cell phone, that is, the police have just arrested the suspects. The investigation, the two suspects committing seven cases, the amount involved 4 million yuan.

The police station in the plainclothes squadron was established in December 1 last year, initially only four players, but undercover clothing in the fight against and prevent street fugitive cases of outstanding performance, so that the police station, “tasted the police station, Sweetness. ” In the very limited police situation, the police station or the number of plainclothes squadron increased from 4 to 7 people.

August 10, plainclothes policeman street inspections, found in Ganjiazhai a suspicious man, which is a drug addict. Soon, the police and in his room, found the other two drug addicts and a small amount of methamphetamine and drug abuse tools. 3 people are inmates, just released from prison together. Police Shuntengmogou, Zhang Ba in the North Road, a successful arrest in the suspected drug trafficking Liu, seized 5.6 grams of drugs

High-tech Road police station area of ​​6.5 square kilometers, the distribution of various types of residential area of ​​more than 200, of which shopping malls, companies, Internet cafes have more than 2100. To maximize the mobilization of the masses, the police station to establish the security WeChat group will area shopping malls, supermarkets and other commercial online shop security, the staff all pulled in, once the suspicious persons or cases, we can communicate in groups, timely and effective Rushed to the scene. Wang Heming said that as of September this year, the area of ​​theft bike case down 72% over the same period last year, street fraud, pickpocketing and other sharp decline.

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