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the first google tango phone finally started selling

Pokémon Go made a lot of people realize the power of augmented reality (AR), the first three weeks of on-line, the game downloaded more than 100 million times. However, strictly speaking, Pokémon Go can not be considered a real augmented reality, it uses a method of easy way, the virtual wizard directly on the middle of the phone screen, superimposed on the phone camera shooting real-time screen.

Before the advent of Pokémon Go, Google had a more radical plan: Tango. It hopes to customize the sensor and camera on the phone, real-time perception and establish the current environment of the 3D model, on this basis, the virtual image overlay, and, even when you move, the virtual image can be maintained at the right Position, as in reality.

Today, Google has released Tango-enabled consumer mobile phone, the Phab2 Pro from Lenovo, for $ 499 and is now available for purchase in the United States and is expected to ship in December. At the same time, Google App Store also updated a number of developers specifically for the development of Tango applications.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro looks and ordinary big screen mobile phone is no different: Xiao Long 652 processor, 6.4 inch screen, all-metal body, support for fingerprint recognition, 4GB memory +64GB body storage.

Of course, as a equipped with augmented reality technology, mobile phones, Phab2 Pro has its unique. In addition to the conventional front and rear cameras, there are two additional cameras in the rear, one for perceived depth of field and one for motion tracking.

With these devices, along with other built-in sensors and Google’s algorithms, Phab2 Pro enables real-time 3D modeling of real-world scenes, meaning that the phone can sense its location, orientation, distance to surrounding objects, Even, it can through the 3D model, the direct perception of the size of the surrounding objects.

Take a look at its application scenarios:

the first google tango phone finally started selling

A cell phone scanning the living room after a circle, the sofa directly, “put up”, you can adjust the location, view the results. Of course, these are done on the screen. If satisfied, you can even directly order to buy.

The game will have a completely different experience, an alien beast slowly came to you, and the background, you are familiar with their own room;

Or, a spur of the cat, easily jumped on the sofa, as you really in the room raised a pet.

In addition, because of the accurate perception of the surrounding environment, you can measure the size of the object directly in the phone, for example, the length of the sofa.

In education, Tango will be very useful, in Google’s promotional video, you can phone the camera against the museum’s dinosaur skeleton, it will immediately be able to generate the restoration of the dinosaur image, and with the relevant information. Of course, when learning galaxies, it also has a magical effect.

Last year, Google sold developers Tango equipment, and open API interface, now these applications, most of the third-party developers to develop their own.

And Google’s many cutting-edge technology similar to many applications Tango mobile phone looks very immature, but it really is called the next generation of smart phones.

In Tango’s project, Johnny Lee envisions Tango for future use in indoor navigation, robots and virtual reality devices. For example, with virtual reality glasses, mobile phones equipped with Tango technology can bring you to the real world familiar with the virtual reality.

In the developer version, Google has actually done such a try

Lee also revealed that next year, there will be more mobile phones equipped with Tango technology, and, not limited to Lenovo.

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