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t-mobile phone us to use the 28ghz band test 5g

t-mobile phone USA is accelerating 5G-related work and has been active in the past month.

t-mobile phone USA and Samsung Electronics America announced early last month that they will use the 28Ghz band and a 5G verification system equipped with Samsung’s beamforming technology in the second half of this year to carry out the outdoor 5G mobile communication validation test. After a few days, t-mobile phone United States and Ericsson announced a joint 4G / 5G 5G call between the relevant tests. The trial was conducted in August using Ericsson equipment, including two-way beam control, multiple 4k video simultaneous streaming, Ericsson’s 5G wireless prototyping system and t-mobile phone’s LTE network and the use of communications equipment 4G / 5G network voice Calls and so on. The results confirmed that the use of 5G network to download the throughput of more than 12Gbps, less than 2 ms to achieve ultra-low latency. In addition, the two sides in February 2016, will 28GHz frequency test system for the US Institute and field trials, for specific purposes and services for 5G development and testing agreement.

t-mobile phone us to use the 28ghz band test 5g

In addition, t-mobile phone United States and Nokia also announced a few days ago to carry out the news of 5g related experiments. Tests using t-mobile phone’s 28GHz band and Nokia’s “airscaleradioplatform” confirmed simultaneous throughput of four Gbit / s and low latency of 1.8ms while simultaneously streaming four 4k video streams.

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