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sony mobile phone on the full screen

Millet MIX pushed the full screen design of the stunning sense, it seems that more manufacturers to join.

However, the industrial design has always been the sign of Sony and no news, folk designers have been brilliant.

Sony full-screen mobile phone concept design: very stunning!

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sony mobile phone on the full screen

Mettifarhang to share their bold ideas, he combined with the concept of full-balanced design and expectations of its hardware to create a comprehensive screen of Sony’s new machine.

In the ideal design of the designer, this full-screen mobile phone with curved surface design, is expected to account for more than 95% of the screen, rear dual camera, it seems the bottom of the front is the front camera.

The authors say the screen size is 6.4, but the final measurements and similar to the common 5.7-inch mobile phone.

Taking into account this year, Sony has served on the “narrow side of the textbook,” said the Xperia XA Ultra, Sony should have this strength.

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