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softbank will sell star wars customized mobile phone

Sharp made the original force mobile phone long so

Quoted foreign media news, in line with “Grand Theft Auto One: Star Wars Gaiden” movie release, Japan’s Softbank will launch two Star Wars customized mobile phone.

The phone is inspired by the core concept of the Star Wars movie: Force – it can be understood from the four aspects of the Light Force, the Dark Force, the Unified Force and the Life Force.

Softbank and Sharp selected from the perspective of light and darkness, launched a black and white two custom models, were named “dark side” and “bright side.”

Both phones will be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 chip, 5.3 inch 1080p IGZO display, 3000mAh battery, rear 22.6 million pixel camera.

▲ “dark side” and “bright side” of two custom mobile phone (Source: The Verge)

softbank will sell star wars customized mobile phone

In addition, Softbank and Sharp also offers a number of Star Wars elements for both phones: the X-Wing and the Titanium fighter cabin dynamic wallpapers; Star Wars theme ringtones, EMOJI expressions, alarm clock applications, card games; Of the movie player, to watch from the “Star Wars 7” to 2020 all the Star Wars film and television content.

Believe in the rich custom content, the two mobile phones will be welcomed by Star Wars fans.

Currently, the news is that the two custom-made phone is only listed in Japan.

Movie “Grand Theft Auto One: Star Wars Gaiden” will be released in December and other regions in the United States, China has yet to determine the release date. Douban film provides information is released in 2017. Taking into account the film has Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, two Chinese movie stars to participate in the performance, so the industry speculation that the Chinese release date should not be too much later than abroad.

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