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Snapchat starts looking for changes that will launch Android smartphones

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on February 17, Snapchat’s new product is equipped with Andrews system smart phone, with front camera and SMS send button.

Snapchat’s marketing company in California has released a concept machine that uses a 360-degree rotating camera with a button to make it easy for users to read through the screen. One-click screenshots make sharing easier. The company recently hired nearly 50 hardware engineers and product designers, which may indicate that the company began to seek change, its goal is not just to do a camera application.

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Evan Asano, founder and CEO of Mediakix, a marketing company, said Snapchat’s subscriber growth is slowing due to Instagram’s reasons. “We are thinking about how to win our competitors through innovation, and since Snapchat has positioned itself as a camera application, we can change the mobile device, making video and messaging a core function.”, Evan and his team Decided to design the next big move for Snapchat.

Newly developed Android devices In addition to 360-degree camera with a rotation, the volume button, browse button a key screenshot function can be used when the phone is locked. This concept not only integrates most people use the core features of smart phones – send text messages and take pictures, but also support the user to operate one hand, is conducive to users to easily capture the real life of the moment.

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