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Smart phone rewrite the pattern of online games hand travel scale of more than 800 billion yuan

With the popularity of smart phones mobile, online games began to get rid of the end of the tour and the shackles of the tour, to hand travel direction. Pan-entertainment basic data service provider Dataeye related data show that in 2017, China’s mobile gaming market size of 81.9 billion yuan, the first time more than the end of the 58.3 billion.

End of the weak potential, behind the rise of hand travel is the rapid transformation of technological innovation and user habits. With the popularity of smart phone terminals and WIFI technology, the development of 4G networks, users spend time on the tour more and more long. Hand travel products in the experience more and more to meet the needs of heavy players.

Online games in accordance with the game terminal is divided into three main categories, namely, client games (end games), web games (page tour) and mobile games (hand tour). Beginning in 2005, online games into the rapid growth period.

From the end tour pitcher senior player Hao said: “end tour, then the time and place requirements are relatively strong, and hand travel anytime, anywhere can play, since the work did not have so many fixed idle time, so I Turn the hands of the embrace of the tour.

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At the same time, the development of smartphone functionality can support the increasingly complex tasks on the mobile side, and the development of applications such as mobile social software is also enhancing the user’s stickiness on the mobile side.

Hand tour of the sub-players to explore, but also one of the secret of its occupation of the market. The number of people, the game a long time, the willingness to pay high, the second yuan groups to become high-quality hand tour customers.

According to iResearch “2015 China second yuan user report” data, currently in China about 92.82 million yuan enthusiasts, while the pan-secondary users reached 219 million. Most of the second element population in the campus stage, compared to the staff have more free time, put the hand travel time longer.

Bank of China Securities researcher said that the secondary unit for the likes of the game will pay more willingly, and with the secondary population age, in the economy with more autonomy, can be invested in the game will gradually increase the funds, which But also one of the reasons for the success of hand travel gains.

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