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Smart phone clear spell, but also break it

Whether it is the Internet age or mobile Internet era, the screen as the content of the media, it will directly affect the quality of the content itself. By 2010, limited by the limitations of technology and terminal performance, most products, including mobile phones, laptops, televisions have failed to achieve full HD (1080P) standards, it is a full screen pixel era.

In the production line perfect, performance spill today, most of the terminal equipment hardware configuration are far more than the needs of high-end screen, even just a few inches of the size of the smart phone actually equipped with a full HD screen, and as a reason for upgrading, The market is also constantly respected more high-quality screen, higher resolution, higher refresh rate, higher brightness, these screen parameters to enhance the user experience to upgrade the upgrade is very obvious.

Mobile phone screen upgrade is the trend

2010 iPhone 4 release, Apple is a 3.5-inch screen for this phone is equipped with a 960 * 640 resolution, and the first introduction of the “Retina” concept. Although the iPhone 4 resolution is not high, but because the screen is very small, the pixel density is even greater, it shows excellent results so that everyone marveled, and then until the end of 2013, the market also appeared in mass production 2K screen phone.

Unfortunately, 2013 ~ 2015 period, we did not see the 2K screen in the mobile phone market, the outbreak of the follow-up manufacturers rarely, and had to promote the “Retina” iPhone still still stay in the 1080P screen specification.

In fact, limited by technology, yield and mobile phone performance support, many mobile phone manufacturers still stick to the position in the 1080P, there are many manufacturers back from the 2K back to 1080P. But in 2017 today, after the progress of technology and experience of the accumulation of mobile Internet as the terminal carrier of the phone, it still stays at 1080P resolution, which is very puzzling.

Google released the Daydream VR platform and hardware standards at the end of 2017, where the requirements for the phone screen were “highly recommended for Quad HD (1440p) or higher resolution screens; screen sizes must be between 4.7 and 6 inches; The refresh rate must be at least 60 Hz in VR mode.

Whether it is VR, hand tour or ultra-clear quality video, no high-resolution excellent screen, can not let users experience these excellent quality of the content, it feels like a run on the F1 track Chery QQ, Even if not speed, but how can you open less than 300 steps.

So many years, why the phone or 1080P even if not deliberately concerned about the mobile phone market, many friends also know that the market really use 2K screen phone is not much.

To millet, Meizu, for example, millet in 2015 when launched millet note top with version, which uses a 5.5-inch 2K IPS screen, then in 2017, whether it is a full screen millet MIX, or surface screen millet Note 2, or millet 5s Plus, these flagship are all 1080P resolution; and Meizu is the end of 2014 launched 2K resolution MX4 Pro, and its subsequent upgrade MX5, PRO 5, MX6, PRO 6, PRO 6s and so all back back to the 1080P, even if they are all AMOLED material. There are many such examples, one plus mobile phones, OPPO, VIVO are so. Why in 2015, and even 2017, the phone still do not use 2K screen?

Low-end machine performance is weak, with fixed 2K screen

More pixels do not just mean that the display is clearer, but also requires the phone to have enough memory bandwidth. According to the calculation of pixels and bandwidth and the experience of the market, there is an unwritten rule in the industry that at least 4GB / s of bandwidth must be provided for each 100 million pixels to maintain fluency.

1080P has only 2 million pixels, requires at least 8GB / s of memory bandwidth, and 2K is 368 million pixels, requires at least 14.72GB / s bandwidth.

From the current point of view, MediaTek most of the SoC can not do 14.72GB / s bandwidth requirements, so the use of MediaTek SoC mobile phone most stay in the 1080P screen, Meizu is so, until the end of the year in the end of 2017 After using the Samsung Exynos 7420 finally in the Pro 6 Plus with 2K AMOLED screen.

Of course, “every 1 million pixels need to provide at least 4GB / s bandwidth can maintain fluency” This sentence is only for a mobile phone fluency of the basic requirements, if in the game, 2K resolution hand tour will eat more GPU performance, if the GPU performance can not keep up, then the user will have a “why our performance than it is strong, play the game than it card” illusion, and in fact it is “your phone is really strong, But your screen resolution is higher, “which is the GPU performance can not keep up with the screen resolution caused by Caton.

2K screen power consumption, life can not keep up

If the 1080P screen power consumption is set to 1, then the same size 2K screen in the case of the same brightness, its power consumption is at least 1.5. More pixels mean the need to provide more light, greater brightness, and in particular the use of self-luminous mechanism AMOLED screen.

In the battery material has not been improved before, limited by the size of the mobile phone size, the majority of mobile phone battery power maintained at 3000 ~ 4000mAh, if the trade rally to upgrade to 2K screen, the power is not acceptable to all users can accept.

Manufacturers to reduce costs, become the biggest reason for not 2K

In 2017 Xiao Long 820 support, the performance is indeed not a problem, but another problem has emerged, many manufacturers to no need for the reasons not on the 2K screen, especially 2K AMOLED screen, Samsung Galaxy S series of a 2K screen Retail needs close to the price of two thousand dollars, which is even a new flagship price of the domestic flagship.

The above also said, if you want to have a good experience in the 2K screen, not only need better performance support, but also need better power control, which in turn increases the cost of manufacturers, cost control is always One of the core issues of the brand.

2K screen mobile phone market icebreaker

target t mobile phones

Smart phone clear spell, but also break it?

In fact, to do a 2K screen phone is not difficult, it is difficult to make a good 2K screen mobile phone, to ensure performance and life at the same time, but also to maintain a suitable price.

In the domestic mobile phone, the glory V8 is a good example. Glory in May 2017 issued the glory V8 with 1080P and 2K screen two versions. Because this generation of Kirin 955 performance compared to the previous generation of unicorn 935 to enhance 100%, while power consumption is also down 30%, plus the glory of their own smart 4.0 power optimization, the combination of the two successfully solved the long 2K screen phone two pain points : Performance, life, and the price of glory V8 is also very close to the people in the 2599 yuan.

Smart phone clear spell, but also break it?

In the 2017 mobile phone market such a big environment, all manufacturers are jointly held high the “2K useless” banner, 2K useless camp operators are launched a year 4 to 5 flagship mobile phone, can not be on the 2K screen, so to The icebreaker is too glorious to describe glory.

Not on the 2K, the user experience will remain at 1080P, the minimum short board of the barrel theory determines a mobile phone can give the user experience peak.

From the glory V8 has been released for nearly a year, the glory of the official said the new glory V9 has been ready, the glory V9 will be officially released in Beijing on February 21.

Glory V8 is glorious in 2017 to the market and consumers to bring the surprise, and glory V9 as the successor of V8, this is also of concern.

From the glory of the official announcement of several propaganda posters, glory V9 this theme is a “fast” word, glorious aspects of the Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang as the glory V9 speed envoy, but also to nearly six months of hot yin and yang As a starting point, there is a glory of V9.

The author said that the 2K screen on the performance of the phone has a very high demand, because the user is just the daily use of this is not enough, and now many users like to use the fragmented time to play the game, this time need to be true Control the performance of 2K resolution hand tour.

In fact, in recent years, frequent travel frequently, not only the Onmyouji, such as the collapse of 3, rapids 3, the king of glory, and so have a high demand for mobile phone performance.

It is known that this glory V9 will be equipped with the latest Kirin 960, its GPU performance is more than twice the previous generation of glory V8, to support the latest Vulkan graphics standards. In the last glory V8 made such a success, this year’s glory V9 has a stronger performance, while the pursuit of the ultimate glory of technology is still used in the V9 which black technology big move? I also like everyone to look forward to.

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