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Silver Edition iPad Pro with gold ring ATT: worth it

Although the sales are not optimistic about the outside world, but there are still a lot of Apple enthusiasts can not wait to start the iPad Pro. In this giant flat, Apple uses the usual design, the space gray iPad Pro on the Touch ID metal ring is black, gold models on the Touch ID metal ring is gold, silver models on the Touch ID metal ring is silver The However, not all iPad Pro are “behave”, a foreign user recently received a different iPad Pro.

In accordance with the introduction of the users, he started the iPad Pro for the silver version of the 128GB LTE models, but after the out of the box found the difference between the plate. From the friends of the photos we can see, this silver version of the iPad Pro in the Touch ID is equipped with a golden metal ring, obviously this is a “wrong version” iPad Pro. Apple said that the user can contact AT & T to accept the inspection to replace one, and AT & T is joking that the user if eBay auction this “wrong version” iPad Pro, may make a fortune.

IPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen, a resolution of 2732 × 2068 pixels. This size allows the machine to have a full-sized keyboard. IPad Pro also equipped with A9X processor, according to Apple’s introduction, the processor than the previous A8X speed doubled, graphics processors can even be comparable with the current desktop computer. The machine has four speakers, the thickness of 6.9mm, weighs 1.57 pounds. As for the machine’s main camera was 800 million pixels, built-in Touch ID, and support 150Mbps LTE.
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