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Samsung mobile phone S8 exposure or re-lift machine boom

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, smart phones have always maintained a six months to a year of change speed, the new machine can always lead to the release of young consumers, especially innovative Samsung mobile phone is highly concerned about each The new machine can be released in the market set off a wave of purchase boom. Recently, the “Guardian”, “Wall Street Journal” and other media news that the Samsung mobile phone will not be released this year’s MWC flagship Galaxy S8, will be March 29 “Unpacked” activities released.

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It is reported that Samsung’s listing date may have to wait until April 21. Recently, broke the big god @ Evan Blass released Twitter exposure Samsung Galaxy S8 series screen size and material, he said S8 with 5.8-inch Super AMOLED 2K screen, S8 + with 6.2-inch Super AMOLED 2K screen. But it looks like the screen size is larger, but because the screen is relatively high, it may not have too much impact on our grip.

Earlier today, Eun Blass has announced the name of one of the products, is the previously rumored Galaxy S8 Plus will be named Galaxy S8 +, with “+” to highlight the more powerful properties, the current on the Samsung Galaxy S8 news more and more, you can guess the distance from the series of new aircraft is really not far off. According to the previous news, the Samsung Galaxy S8 series equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, equipped with rear fingerprint recognition, red film scanner, S pen and the new AI assistant Bixby, Bixby will support 8 languages, and through a simple rear camera Scan to identify objects. Battery, Galaxy S8 will be built 3000mAh battery, and Galaxy S8 + may be built-in 3500mAh battery.

In addition, the Korean designer @ DesignWoOS just released in a personal ins a suspected Samsung Galaxy S8’s official renderings, this new flagship all the details of the exposure finally clean. The rendering chart shows that the Samsung S8 will have at least four colors, namely red, blue, gray and green. Red is a red tone, the perception is basically the same as the market common “flames red”, supplemented by champagne gold metal box. Blue version and coral blue, ice and jade are different, partial to the S5 period of the sapphire blue, supplemented by rose gold metal frame. Black version of the dark gray, metal frame is used in silver.

In addition, the Samsung S8 series will be in the back of the Logo next to add a number for the distinction, exposure photo shows the number is 6, estimated refers to the screen size. Small screen version will be written 5, and large screen version will be marked as 6. While the Galaxy S8 fingerprint processor was placed to the phone’s main camera next to the same time cancel the phone at the bottom of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

No matter how the appearance of the configuration, consumers are most concerned about the price. According to Ricciolo1 revealed that the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be 849 US dollars (about 5826 yuan), I believe the new Samsung mobile phone release will once again set off the purchase boom.

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