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revolutionary andrews experience by mate andrews mobile phone say happy birthday

Many people do not use Apple’s iOS system, the Andrew system is favored by good, but because Andrews system openness and fragmentation of the characteristics of the use of a long time after the system compatibility, stability, overall application awareness, and performance will appear Experience the decline of the situation. In this regard, the major handset manufacturers are constantly upgrading and optimize their own operating system, with a view to bring more fun for the user, comfortable and convenient experience. For the just released Huawei Mate 9, is also true, based on the Kirin 960 powerful core, and the depth of customization of the Android 7.0 EMUI 5.0, Mate 9 on the system under the scalpel-like transformation, to bring users a new revolutionary Andrews experience, complete farewell to “Caton” and “slow” problem.

Based on a new generation of Kirin 960 powerful core, run more fun

Huawei Mate 9 equipped with the latest generation of Kirin 960 chip, as the world’s first ARM Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 eight-core GPU chip, the unicorn 960 in the performance has been fully optimized, high-speed dual storage, read and write more quickly, LPDDR4 memory, clock speed increased by 40%, while benefiting from the latest UFS 2.1 storage technology to join, Huawei Mate 9 whether to load large 3D games, or multi-application running at the same time, can achieve speed response.

It is worth mentioning that, Huawei Mate 9 first to provide a complete version based on Android Vulkan solution. This will enable the 8-core GPU performance is fully released, greatly enhanced the screen effect, allowing consumers to enjoy the immersive gaming experience, with “very fun.”

revolutionary andrews experience by mate andrews mobile phone say happy birthday

Depth optimization smarter EMUI 5.0, farewell Caton case

In addition to a new upgrade of mobile phone hardware, Huawei Mate 9’s operating system has also been optimized in depth. In order to solve the Android system for a long time after the use of the Caton situation, Huawei rely on a number of world-class Linux system experts to lead the 3000 R & D team, launched a new EMUI 5.0, Android system for “scalpel” type depth optimization.

One of the revolutionary enhancements is EMUI 5.0’s unique Machine Learning intelligent learning system, which is based on artificial intelligence. It can dynamically allocate resources (CPU and memory) according to user’s habits, assign priority to front-end applications and users’ usage frequency. High application to ensure a smooth, high-speed user experience. This means that users often use the application startup speed will increase by 50%, while no need to manually clean up can also ensure smooth operation. According to the accelerated simulation of daily use and actual use of the test results, Huawei Mate 9 can be used continuously for 18 months, running without Caton; 20,000 pictures, fast browsing without white block; 30,000 contacts, and instantly find no delay .

In addition, EMUI 5.0 uses a new aesthetic design and more convenient way of interaction, the system interface was flat design, can be used for different scenarios to streamline and inadvertently optimized, 90% of the commonly used functions in only three steps To complete, for consumers to bring easy and convenient operation experience.

Finally, on its price, Huawei Mate 9 (4G +64 G) version is priced at 699 euros, while the Porsche design global limited edition Huawei Mate 9 (6G + 256G) version sells for 1395 euros. If you need a more fun Andrews flagship machine, Huawei Mate 9 must be your most appropriate choice, but for its Bank of China version of the price, but also in November 14 after the Shanghai conference announced, we will wait and see.

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