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Apple officially joined the double-11 luxury lunch an unprecedented degree of preference in mobile phones

The Chinese Shopping Day “11.1” is coming to see a few days, presumably your shopping cart has been harvested full, and in the near future news that recently updated iPhone Mobile phones and MacBook product line of Apple will also join the double 11 luxury lunch, and The unprecedented intensity of the offer, released last week, the new MacBook Pro will also be on sale in the same day.

Dual 11 event day, iPhone Mobile phones 7/7 Plus each color version will be available through Apple’s official flagship store, as low as half of the Beats headphones and the Touch Bar with the new MacBook Pro at the same day on sale. It is reported that this offer only in the official Apple Mall, the official website will not participate.

At present, iPhone Mobile phones 7/7 Plus in Apple’s official website to buy still need to wait at least 3-4 weeks, double 11 days will be in the day cat mall spot sale is still unknown, but from this preferential efforts, Apple on the The day cat double 11 more attention, the recent start with Apple’s new users may wish to see and so on.

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