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oppo and the father of the two lens plot may be a dual lens smart cell mobile phones

In 2016 Titanium Media T-EDGE annual summit, the Israeli smart smart cell mobile phones dual lens company, CorephotonicsCEO, David Mendlovic inadvertently revealed in May next year OPPO cooperation will be released new mobile smart cell mobile phones. OPPO also have to “double the stem of the head.”

Apple recently introduced a new conference in the fall of the ismart cell mobile phones 7 Plus configuration on the dual lens, which can provide telephoto zoom (telephoto-zoom) and depth of field (depth of field) function, many in the industry, said Apple Move or will lead to the popularity of dual lens configuration. Of course, the imaging effect than the previous single-lens upgrade several levels, for the self-timer, it can be described as a great gospel.

David Mendlovic, the creator and advocate of the dual-lens concept, founded Corephotonics with his students in 2012 as a team focused on lens designers, image quality specialists, photographers and, in addition, Improve the image quality of the composition of personnel, it is understood that the company currently received a total of 50 million dollars in financing.

The current single-lens shot of the soft focus of the main beauty of OV, although the color accuracy and quality to do a lot of improvements. However, this dual-lens structure similar to the eyes, can give us a lot of new capabilities, such as the ability to draw, accuracy, image quality. In a single lens can not do the case, through the eyes of the model can be to get better discrimination.

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However, the use of dual-lens structure, but also means that in addition to traditional lenses, lenses, and other equipment, but also to use the new software package, while its packaging to the smart cell mobile phones or other equipment also requires special tools to ensure that the double- The photos taken by the camera were as we expected.

Take ismart cell mobile phones 6, Corephotonics dual lens because of zoom capability, so its resolution better; In addition to anti-noise and other interference factors, Apple 6 compared to the dual lens is weak, so there is no way to present a very Clean images.

If you want to zoom to expand the image, with dual-lens technology that can see the details of the effect. Because dual-lens technology for this zoom, know what the user shot, its background will gradually paste out, but the focus of the key can be displayed.

In addition, the use of dual lens camera, you must put two pictures into a picture, so this requires you to have enough processing power. The use of this fusion technology, the higher the cost. Currently on the market dual lens smart cell mobile phoness such as Huawei P9, millet 5 s, ismart cell mobile phones 7 plus in imaging quality with Corephotonics there are some gaps.

oppo and the father of the two lens plot may be a dual lens smart cell mobile phones

Corephotonics active and many Chinese companies are in contact, it is reported with OPPO are some very high-end research and development, of course, there are other companies such as vivo and millet.

In addition, in order to expand the application of dual-lens scenes, to seek greater market, the company’s vertical market action is also quite a lot, for example, UAV field in the Xinjiang region, monitoring Hisense and other companies are in contact.

When talking about cooperation with Chinese companies, Professor David Mendlovic titanium media impressed that “if in a short time nothing more than prove that technology can really give partners advantages, then the cooperation will abortion.”

We can see the fierce domestic competition, Corephotonics want to get a firm foothold in the domestic market, and further build technical barriers and find out the preferences of domestic companies may be feasible approach.

Specific to the patent license, which provides a set of technologies such as: hardware (exclusive optical components and actuators) and software (in a variety of existing application processor GPU implementation of proprietary algorithms), the technology as Products to authorize.

As for the specific amount, David Mendlovic in the titanium media, said: “The patent price depends on how much money the other party is willing to invest, because once the technology is successful, will bring great benefits, but the research and development funds are very large, The other company, is the need for careful consideration.

Then the next generation of the lens will be like? In David Mendlovic’s view, there will be two trends:

The first trend: zoom factor increases, currently only 2.5 times to 4 times in the future there will be 5 times, 10 times, or even 15 times the zoom.

The second trend: Now, the lens is a large mobile smart cell mobile phones set up in the future will become smaller and smaller, more and more thin.

Before the role of mobile smart cell mobile phones lens is “look.” But now the smart cell mobile phones is like a small computer, the future will increase the performance of the lens, not only imaging, but also the performance of sensing, you can sense some of the high-frequency information, or can sense and perception of different parameters, Once you have the ability to perceive, then, these smart cell mobile phones lenses, will have a better ability to learn and understand.

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