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only the two on the release of the 28 mobile phones

As a result of some historical reasons and product positioning factors, Meizu and millet have been between endless topics to talk about. In the eyes of friends, the competition between the two ubiquitous. 2016 years, the Meizu new products as much as left an indelible impression. In fact, millet also to be outdone.

only the two on the release of the 28 mobile phones

Before, we have in the article “2016 Meizu mobile phone inventory points finished scared” in the Meizu 2016 products made a simple inventory, the results of up to 14 models, respectively, for the charm blue note3, Meizu PRO 6, Charm blue 3, charm blue 3s, Meizu MX6, charm blue E, charm blue U10 U20, charm blue Max, charm blue 5, Meizu PRO 6s, charm blue X, Meizu PRO 6 Plus and charm blue Note5.

Recently, some users of millet’s new products have also done a comb. Millet and red rice also reached the horror of the new machine 14, respectively, red rice 3, millet 5 4s, millet Max, red rice 3s, red rice 3X, red rice Pro, red rice Note 4, millet 5s 5s Plus , Millet MIX millet Note 2, red rice 4 red rice 4A, compared to “the king of the concert” Meizu not show weakness.

Really powerful, and the power of two for the entire mobile phone ring contributed 28 new machines. If the millet 5c years ago, then there are 29, believe it?

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