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not afraid to sell your market google pixel mobile phone sales more than nexus

But since the official listing of Pixel mobile phone series, the true sales of the market but reflects the true idea of ​​friends, but the market is still a lot of money to buy a new Pixel series, Although the mouth does not say, but the action is very sincere.

From the well-known data statistics Appboy latest data, Google Pixel sales performance has exceeded the same period last year, Nexus phone series, although the larger screen size Pixel XL production capacity is limited, but sales than last year’s Nexus 6P even better. Therefore, Google from this aspect of the move to see the action, access to the market a lot of consumer support.
not afraid to sell your market google pixel mobile phone sales more than nexus

Configuration, Pixel with 5 inches 1080P AMOLED display, equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, built-in 4GB memory and 32 / 128GB body storage space, providing a front 8 million pixel camera and a rear 12 million pixel camera, Battery capacity 2770mAh, support fast charge, run Android 7.0 system. Pixel XL on this basis to upgrade the screen size to 5.5 inches, the resolution upgrade to 2K, the battery capacity increased to 3450mAh, the rest of the configuration unchanged.

Because of Google’s own appeal and configuration to force, Pixel series sales in the data is indeed a significant increase in the expression (contrast Nexus): Appboy data from October 20 to 27 period. Of the 100 million smartphones sold in the market, the sample share is 0.02%. While the other a smaller size Pixel smaller, only 0.016%. Although this figure is not large, but to know Pixel XL week’s performance has gone beyond the Nexus 6P two weeks of performance.

Overall, the price beyond the Nexus, and or a new series of brands, consumers concerned about the market, Google Pixel series can be described as usher in a good start.

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