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Ningxia Yinchuan: Use “wisdom” to enhance the city ‘s competitiveness

Xinhua News Agency Yinchuan February 19 (Xinhua He Chenyang) in the Internet, large data booming background, Ningxia Yinchuan City seize the opportunity to deepen the “wisdom Yinchuan” integration of innovation, a new generation of information technology into modern urban management, security improvement People’s livelihood, new industry cultivation and other fields, through the creation of new wisdom of the city, effectively enhance the social management capacity, gave birth to a new series of new industries.

Promote government reform with “wisdom”

Under the new normal situation, the economic downward pressure increased, the private investment in the doldrums, the examination and approval matters, many links, low efficiency as the main reason, at the same time, “a put on the chaos, a tube to death” seriously restricts government reform. The third time the State Council inspectors found that Yinchuan City, “Internet +” into the “put suit” reform the whole process, fully stimulate and release the market vitality.

Reporters learned that, in order to effectively give the market the main “loose”, Yinchuan City, set up administrative approval service bureau, 26 departments 153 categories of business by “a seal tube approval”, approval efficiency increased by 86%. Through the use of Internet information technology, the local follow-up seven rounds of “approval of thin”, “five card one, one by one” and “trial preparation” and other supporting reform, the establishment of administrative examination and approval service system and electronic monitoring platform for approval time Shortened, the new market last year, an increase of 26% year on year.

In order to minimize the government’s micro-intervention on the market, to achieve “tube and live, live without chaos,” Yinchuan City, set up an audit platform for the exchange of regulatory information, the use of large data mining, analysis, estimated market conditions, potential risks, Supervision and regulation departments to provide a basis for decision-making, and with the “grid” “double random a public” supervision and corporate integrity of the file combination, online and offline simultaneously, forcing the market to regulate the market behavior.

Data runway, the masses can run errands. In the city of Yinchuan City, reading the public hall, the masses to open a door, you can do social health insurance, real estate transactions and other 505 “a package of things.” With the help of “online service hall”, “mobile phone approval APP”, etc., Yinchuan City to achieve the “physical + online” “online + line” “online + handheld” and other forms of the combination of approval services, online processing rate of 48 %, Online service becomes normal.

To “wisdom” to ease the “big city disease”

Bus time reminders, traffic lights real-time control, dynamic traffic induced … … Although last year, Yinchuan City, an average increase of more than 7,000 motor vehicles, but through the “wisdom” measures, the local vehicle traffic speed increased by 20%.

With “wisdom” to resolve traffic congestion, the case is not the case. With the accelerated process of urbanization, Yinchuan City began to show the mismatch of public service supply, inefficient use of “big city disease”, the local through the construction of “urban brains”, the use of “wisdom” means to effectively resolve traffic, medical, community management Field problems, to promote urban governance from passive to active change.

In the medical field, Yinchuan City, relying on large data centers, built the first Internet hospital, gathering the country’s high-quality medical resources. In the field of community management, the local built 100 intelligent community, in the community set up smart courier cabinet, smart trash, free WIFI, face recognition and other 11 intelligent application projects, with intelligent means to improve the level of community services to enhance people’s lives quality.

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The next step, Yinchuan City will continue to expand the wisdom of the city in the tourism, culture, education and other areas of convenience services, while opening more than 300 data, the public through the mobile terminal for application inquiries or handling, enjoy more intelligent convenience services.

To “wisdom” help transformation

Big data, the Internet is not only a convenient grasp of the people and the people, but also the transformation of traditional industries, to promote its transformation and upgrading of the “weapon.”

In Ningxia shared equipment Co., Ltd. 3D printing workshop, three or five individuals to operate the mouse will be able to complete the previous dozens of casting experts work, this technology makes the casting industry from the “silly big black” into “My Fair Lady.” In the Yinchuan Binhe New District Hengtian Science and Technology City wishful clothing project area, the computer three-dimensional scan cut, 30 seconds to generate 120 data, 3 hours to get new clothing technology to impress visitors, intelligent manufacturing not only greatly enhance the production efficiency , More help enterprises to open domestic and foreign high-end market.

Investment and development of large data industry, the introduction of “good doctor”, “micro-medical” and other Internet platforms, 130,000 national veteran, the introduction of environmental protection, Medical experts online Zuozhen, for the masses to provide quality medical services; the country’s car-free carrier market share of the larger “back to the air exchange” “shipped full” and other Internet logistics enterprises settled in Yinchuan … … all indications that Yinchuan City in the wisdom of the city Leader of the same time, is also the wisdom of the city for the hardware and hardware.

It is understood that the wisdom of the city to bring new industries, new formats, driving local tax revenue growth of 12.8%, help Yinchuan to achieve from the land finance to the new economic and financial transformation. At the same time, Yinchuan City breakthrough in the traditional wisdom of urban development model, to create the wisdom of the city “Yinchuan model”, has been in various cities at home and abroad to promote the application.

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