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new nokia mobile phone market next year but the real protagonist is hon hai

The former mobile phone giant Nokia smartphone market news, so that the brand from the hands of the Microsoft licensing company HMD Global Oy HMD (hereinafter referred to as HMD) walking in the spotlight. The new company recently announced the official operation of the Nokia smart phone brand, and plans to release the first half of 2017, the first new generation of Nokia smart phones.

For HMD, the deal with Microsoft is reasonable, six months ago, it is their strategic licensing agreement signed with Nokia, mobile phones and tablet PCs in the Nokia brand to obtain exclusive rights to use the world for ten years, then let it be Access to the Nokia smartphone brand licensing.

Now the mobile phone market, strong enemy ring, leaving Nokia’s opportunity to stand up is not much. After a brief excitement, the Nokia brand fans to the extent to which the return of doubt, while the industry is also in a “not optimistic” in the tide.

In fact, the business logic of the enterprise than we understand it is much more complex. Because in this transaction, the protagonist is neither Nokia nor HMD, but responsible for product design, production and sales of Hon Hai Fu Zhi Kang.

HMD founder of “Hon Hai veteran”

HMD’s global team is headed by CEO Arto Nummela and President Florian Seiche. The two have been a fake Nokia executives. This team background for Nokia’s fans are excited.

However, it should be noted that the “return” this time more to say the brand, rather than products. Has made many Connaught powder focused CBD, PureView, Zeiss exclusive authentication and many other technologies are sold to the mobile phone sector with Microsoft, Here map business sold to the German Audi, music with the enjoyment (mix-radio) sold to the line, Nokia Accounts and Nokia stores, etc. are transferred to the European opera, only from the product point of view, the new Nokia mobile phone is difficult to find the shadow of the past.

The industry believes that in this transaction, more focus should be placed on the body of Hon Hai Fu Zhi Kang, rather than Nokia and HMD, compared with the latter two, Fu Zhi Kang is the most beneficiaries. An interesting detail is that HMD Global, the founder of HMD Global, the founder of HMD Global, was the chairman of Foxconn International (later renamed “Fu Zhi Kang”). In the early years, with the high-level contact with the Chen Weiliang Nokia, Foxconn has brought a lot of Nokia orders.

First attack function machine, and then seek intelligent machines

The Nokia brand licensing cooperation involves the Nokia mobile phone brand, Microsoft, HMD, Fu Zhi Kang, Microsoft will Nokia mobile phone brand authorized to HMD, Fizhong Kang and HMD agreement to become Nokia smart phone manufacturers and HMD access to its R & D resources.

This new type of cooperation continues the cooperation between the two sides in the functional machine. May this year, Fu Zhi Kang to 350 million US dollars from the hands of the price of Nokia to get the Nokia mobile phone design, manufacture, sales and related accessories business. At the same time, Hon Hai will also receive Microsoft’s Vietnamese Hanoi, Vietnamese mobile phone business unit, which not only the main functional machine business, but also smart phone manufacturing business. And Fu Zhi Kang was previously one of the foundries of Microsoft’s mobile phone.

The first half of this year, Fu Zhi Kang announced that the future of its participation in the Nokia brand smart phones and Tablet PC manufacturing, research, development, technical cooperation and distribution business. At the time, Fu Wen Kang, chairman of Tong Wenxin, said in an exclusive interview, in addition to feature phones, the end of this year, early next year will enter the smart phone.

An unavoidable fact is that the next decade, Fu Zhi Kang will become a new synonym for Nokia.

The real protagonist is Fu Zhi Kang

new nokia mobile phone market next year but the real protagonist is hon hai

Compared to Microsoft to spend 5.45 billion euros (equivalent to 5.8 billion US dollars) to buy Nokia, Fu Zhi Kang these two businesses not only spend much money, and strategic significance.

In the era of functional machine, Nokia is the global overlord. Even today, people in the functional machine market, Nokia’s share of the global 1 4 or more. The average annual sales of Nokia’s functional machine can reach 100 million. Especially in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, functional machines still occupy a large market share. According to IDC’s Q3 report, the overall Indian mobile phone market, the total shipments of 72.3 million units, the functional phone to 39.9 million units, even though the functionality of the mobile phone market compared to the same period last year, has shrunk by 12.4%, the domestic mobile phone market, , But still occupy half of the Indian market.

walmart boost mobile phones
“Although there are bones can eat meat, but the functional machine is sunset industry, including Fu Zhi Kang, Asus, including China Taiwan mobile phone manufacturers still want to make a difference in the smartphone market, while Nokia is an opportunity.” Mobile Alliance Secretary Long Wang Yanhui said.

However, the mature market strong enemy, Fu Zhi Kang on Europe and the United States and the Chinese mobile phone market is less likely to be a positive impact. “These countries are still in the functional machine to the intelligent machine transition and other replacement tide, the market is relatively confusing, Nokia is not high barriers to entry.” Said Wang Yanhui, Fu Zhi Kang production of Nokia mobile phones, the target is in Africa, Southeast Asia and some other emerging mobile phone market. Coupled with Nokia already has sales channels, Fu Zhi Kang to open the difficulty of these markets and reduce a lot.

Informed sources claimed that Nokia returned to the market after the first smart phone called “D1C”, carrying the Android 7 system, with Xiao Long 430 processor, 1080p screen and 3GB RAM. Which models positioning Andrews entry models, is very suitable for emerging markets into the water.

Compared to the brand, Fu Zhi Kang more emphasis on the channel. Nokia’s acquisition of Nokia is an extension of the value chain of Hon Hai Group. From the hardware manufacturing in the factory to the design, sales and service value outside the factory, Fu Zhi Kang’s access to Noahi is an important strategy for completing the last mile of the value chain. “(Functional Machine Business) transaction case is the acquisition of Foxconn, Microsoft’s mobile phone business, manufacturing, sales and distribution department.On Hon Hai, you can immediately get Nokia in the world 40 to 50 countries and regions, sales and distribution department sales Platform and channels.As the sales channel team of hundreds of people, the global channel deployment and operation provides a very complete and professional team, “Fu Zhi Kang Group Chairman Tong Wenxin said,” buy Nokia, is equal to the immediate distribution of the global group Fuzhi Kang Of the market sales platform and channels, which for the Hon Hai Fu Zhi Kang Group restructuring services technology companies a major leap forward, only a rare kick.

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