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mobile position warfare land army oppo and vivo counterattack online market

So that each distribution channels have profits, control the supply chain costs, as OPPO, vivo from the “land” counterattack of the two foundation. Regression products, regression under the current, “OV” Legion of learning imitators are also increased, the mobile phone market in 2017 will also usher in a more brutal competition.

The story of the smart phone is always reversed.

Recently, the veteran of Nokia to return to the mobile phone industry, saying “China Cool” the four traditional mobile phone manufacturers Cool one is selling the ivvi brand. Compared to the new mobile phone brand, more manufacturers overwhelmed the stage. Following the strong rise of Huawei last year, OPPO and vivo in 2016 ushered in the outbreak.

According to research institutions Counterpoint Research data show, 2016 third quarter OPPO and vivo market share in the forefront, beyond the Huawei and millet.

OPPO and vivo respectively in 2008, 2011 has entered the mobile phone market. Apple, Samsung, millet, Huawei have the top in the domestic market, “OV” Corps seems to be only long-term high-profile active in consumers, until this year to become “dark horse” of them by the market hot. In fact, as early as 2013 OPPO’s profitability has been one of the best, steady growth usher in the current Swordsman.

From the combat mode of view, “OV” Legion more like “Army”, adhere to the traditional line of retail channels to low-dimensional high-dimensional, high retention; millet like “Air Force,” heard the sound and then heard the machine, Low-cost bombing did not really occupied positions, high user spill rate; TCL and other brands have a strong overseas market can be described as “the Navy.”

Today, OPPO as the representative of the mobile phone “army” in the past two years over millet and other “air force”, the domestic saturated market can be described as “high cost of land”, how to hold the original position, while an inch to grab the replacement market, is All companies face the test.

Primitive accumulation

OPPO executives and employees of the 21st Century Business Herald reporter referred to the word is “the points.” In May this year, R9 million sales, the third quarter results reached its peak, OPPO founder Chen Mingyong has made two internal letters, referring to the “thorn in the back, be particularly careful to kill”, “calm performance” .

As the OPPO head, Chen Mingyong attaches great importance to products and culture in the weekly luncheon, he and the company’s department heads to discuss the product, sales, the next new product, product rhythm, the basic interest is reflected in the Where and so on. In public, Chen Mingyong almost no appearance.

Both OPPO or vivo, low-key style and quite the origin of backgammon come down in one continuous line. Outside the “OV” Legion for the backgammon, the two Corps CEOs follow the backgammon Group Chairman Duan Yongping, with the backgammon of the country. Subsequently, OPPO brand was established in 2001, Duan Yongping is also the chairman of OPPO, and vivo is backgammon in 2011 launched the smart phone brand. Today, OPPO and vivo are independent and compete with each other.

2001 launch of the OPPO brand aimed at the phone before the business, in the DVD and MP3 market fought, have also set foot in the LCD TV, BBK channels and other resources on the basis of early in the DVD era pocketed the traditional retail experience. Due to foreign brands of patent litigation, and DVD, MP3 market shrinking, OPPO officially entered the functional machine market in 2008.

The line has been laid down the basis of this channel, with a strong “land armament.” According to the introduction of OPPO, an agent 36, each agent is only a brand agent OPPO. In the assessment of the only assessment of an agent, combined with local GDP, to the agents designated a reasonable number of sales. 200,000 sales outlets, 5300 or so of the store is not a day or a year of work.

OPPO’s public relations director Liu Lei told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, OPPO high-priced segment of mobile phones (2000-3000) profit margins between 10% to 15%, for sales of high commission, he said: Boss may also get, but the promoters can not. “

Capillary-depth line 345 lines under the city’s stores, not easily copied. For the millet, the online delivery is indeed the right way, the first mobile phone industry research institute Sun Yan Biao said, “online consumption ratio increased from 5% to 20% or more during the millet to enjoy about 70% of the dividend.

Hot in the electricity business when the Chen Mingyong also confused. In 2012, OPPO to find a lot of experts advice and suggestions, the final Chen Mingyong insist on doing their own good channels, online only as a supplement. According to the data given by OPPO, mobile phone sales in 2012 is 890 million units in 2013, 13 million units in 2014, 30 million units in 2015 to reach 50 million units. From the data point of view, as the state of gradual growth. OPPO vice president Wu Qiang told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, “the entire OPPO brand products business channel sales ratio of no more than 10% of our business positioning is more products to promote the platform, not as a sales channel.

Relative to the impact of Internet channels, from the functional machine is a fatal crisis to the intelligent machine.

OPPO insiders told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, “functional machine when the smart machine is the most difficult period, when the company is not very timely response, the tide to the time and also a lot of features under the list of machines, as well as Some are verbal orders, the loss is indeed great in the upstream procurement, we first and manufacturers can confirm whether the withdrawal of single, has been produced all the recovery.For the era from the DVD and MP3 has been the cooperation of the downstream agents and distributors, In order to better solve the problem of functional machine inventory, we sell prices to agents.

After the battle of intelligent machines, Chen Mingyong act more decisive, he often said: “Found that mistakes, we must immediately change, the current price is always the smallest price to pay.”

In 2014, 3G to 4G turning point, OPPO also appeared no small loss, but the change is not passive, OPPO on the 3G of the preparation, inventory, rapid processing. In 2014, OPPO also pushed a lot of products, but the last two years in the contraction product line, flagship flagship explosion.

Users battle

There is a noteworthy environment is that consumers have a higher recognition for the domestic mobile phone. In the Sun Yan Biao, “the new domestic machine trend by the Huawei Mate 7 guide, in December 2014 Huawei Mate 7 listing, the Apple mobile phone leaks, leading to government officials have a mistrust of foreign brands, Huawei make up this A gap to become a generation of official machine.Huawei in 2015, and for the OPPO and vivo laid 2016 years of rivers and lakes, is also a turning point.

By 2016, the domestic mobile phone users more and more intense competition. Andrews, the average replacement time to 1 and a half years, how to seize the user in the replacement tide, as a test.

First, from the product level, OPPO and vivo in the lock user group and positioning, the style has been extended. In Sun Yan Biao view, OPPO is “8 years of brand war”, has always insisted on fashion, youth products, consumer psychology continues the brand image. All along, the marketing and channels to become “OV” Legion label advantage, in seizing the user needs and product innovation, OPPO’s strength can not be overlooked.

In the performance surplus, mobile homogenization of the moment, Competition configuration has become the past tense. Wu Qiang, told reporters: “For a long time, OPPO mobile phone products do not emphasize the simple pursuit of hardware specifications, parameters, we always adhere to the hardware enough.” Smartphone hardware development, especially platform development, now the performance of the platform is long enough Of course, there is indeed a part of the performance requirements are particularly high or part of the enthusiast is the pursuit of the highest configuration, the highest performance, that is another matter.OPPO that the pursuit of a balance, functionality, performance, price, experience, etc., Be sure to balance. “

For the OPPO, the camera, charging the core of the two most differentiated features. OPPO hardware director Baijian told the 21st Century Business Herald Reporter: “We are very focused, in three major directions, fast charge, video, 5G, fast charge in the patent formation of a patent package, a total of 18 Core patent package.

Graduated from the Zhejiang University of Electronic Physics and Technology, Chen Mingyong product requirements are quite harsh, once a designer in the early stages of the product to Chen Mingyong report, but Chen Mingyong is not satisfied, asked why the designer said that taking into account the Cost problem, Chen Mingyong has always been very angry, said this stage can not consider the cost, product first.

For how to tap demand, OPPO insiders told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, one way is through the line channels, sales points in addition to selling will also be feedback; the second is the designer, product manager, research and development-related Staff interviews with users, such as imaging product managers, designers and other teams in the production line will do before the first line of research, product listing will also be collected after the various cities to the information; Third, OPPO has specialized market insight departments, and Third-party research companies to cooperate.

Currently in the first-tier cities, OPPO, vivo mobile phone users relative to Apple, Huawei and other major brands are still relatively rare. But the last two years in three or four lines of rapid growth in sales, does cover a lot of middle class, white-collar users outside the demand. Further said that the brand’s users changed, OPPO hit the market in the outbreak, millet hit the market in the weak.

On the other hand, accurate advertising and offline marketing also led to consumption. In the early stage into the cell phone, OPPO invited Leonardo as a spokesperson, the beginning of the establishment of brand tone, after TFBOYS, Li Yi Feng, Yang Yang and other popular niche traffic has become a spokesperson, and even released a custom machine. There is a strong fan appeal of the star endorsement to become a major marketing tool.

In addition, OPPO for the variety show also spared no effort. In 2016, OPPO title of the “ultimate challenge”, “run it brothers” and 9 files. “Charging 5 minutes, 2 hours call” slogan in the variety of propaganda quickly expanded influence. In the first-tier cities, OPPO and vivo also increased in the traffic system on the run.

mobile position warfare land army oppo and vivo counterattack online market

At the same time, the front line of sales staff has become the best carrier of publicity and interaction, for the inquiry of customers, are actively involved in WeChat, the development of potential users. There is a new listing or after-sales problems, sales staff has become the most direct channels.

In the mobile phone sea of ​​blood, 2017 OPPO, vivo can maintain growth? Although there are predictions that the two companies are expected to sell more than 100 million units next year, but the three-tier cities will also bring incremental, first-tier cities and overseas markets will have substantial growth is unknown.

On the first-tier cities to promote, Wu Qiang said: “from the channel point of view, the operating costs of the first-tier cities channel will be higher.Most of the consumer awareness or acceptance, the mainstream channels we have entered , But the consumer acceptance has not yet reached a certain level, the sales share will always have a bottleneck in the past year in the first-tier cities is growing very fast.OPPO in August first-tier cities in the market share of more than 13.97 %. “OPPO and vivo awareness in the first-tier cities is still not high enough, how to seize the share from other big brands is a real problem they have to face.

boost mobile phones iphone

In overseas markets, OPPO has entered 22 countries and regions, mainly in the Indian market and Southeast Asia to open market-oriented areas, in consolidating the foundation, OPPO will also enter the European and American markets.

In the registration of trademarks has decided to internationalization, 2014 is the first year of its internationalization, into the five overseas countries, in 2015 and increased the Vietnam, the Philippines, a total of seven countries. In addition, vivo in India, the construction of the assembly plant, in 2016 can reach a maximum capacity of 1 million units per month. “We define India as a bridgehead for the internationalization of the world, and we have not only succeeded in getting business models, brands and products in India, but also building a team that can move internationally,” said Feng Lei, vice president of Vivo.

The overseas market has become the next mobile phone manufacturers in China venues, Huawei, millet, Jin Li, a Canadian companies are consolidating overseas forces, foreign brands have been quietly staged market reshuffle.

At the same time, OPPO and vivo also face the same tricks of the competition, Huawei Nova brand released this year, is on the standard “OV” Legion, also invited Zhang Yixing and other popular young idol as a spokesperson, Huawei and glory brands are gradually moving to the line . For similar competitors, Wu Qiang still said to do their own characteristics, return to the “points.” The experience of the DVD dispute, as well as a smaller minority of the MP3 market, mobile phone micro-innovation space and the user market are more extensive, for the already battle-hardened Chen Mingyong, Wu Qiang, may have been calm.

OPPO, vivo, the rise of Huawei, can be said that the typical transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry in Shenzhen brand, rejuvenated. After the emergence of millet, the Beijing brand industry has issued the Shenzhen Huaqiang North market to collapse of the rhetoric, and now Shenzhen to help the strong manufacturing, strong supply chain, under the strong line of repelling a number of heavy “word of mouth play” of the northern company. Should be said to be a heavy manufacturing, heavy selling brand to break the heavy marketing, heavy speed brand.

So that each circulation channels have profits, control the supply chain costs, as OPPO, vivo from the “land” counterattack of the two foundation, regression products, regression line of the moment, “OV” Army imitators also increased, Down whether they are also facing the bottleneck of millet is also unknown.

Fickle mobile phone market, in 2017 will usher in a more brutal competition.

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