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We as a professional Consumers Electronics Company mainly providing you with the Chinese Brand Mobile Phones as follows:
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Chinese Mobile Phones in Barcelona released the world’s first 10-core mobile phone Speed ​​8, by its brand ambassador jorge lorenzo moto gp three world champion to help out, causing the industry and media attention, full of thousands of foreign mainstream media have reported. Recently learned from foreign media Chinese Mobile Phones brand in the international market, the latest developments. Chinese Mobile Phones won the “Most Innovative Chinese Mobile Phone Brand in 2015” award at the “2ND Mobility Excellence Award 2015” held by Mobility, the leading mobile magazine in India. Mobility Award is the annual event of the Indian mobile phone industry, in 2014 began to award the mobile phone industry related awards, from India and overseas mobile phone brands are gathered here to share the annual mobile phone industry new developments. The Chinese Mobile Phones phone to award-winning, the most important thing is derived from the Indian market for Chinese mobile phone brand’s open mind and users of the Chinese Mobile Phones phone a high degree of trust and recognition.

Chinese Mobile Phones brand in August 2015 formally entered the Indian market, has released speed series Speed ​​7 and Speed ​​7 plus two eight-core 4G new products, as well as flash and color series of new products, and India’s leading local power business platform Snapdeal and Amazon Cooperation, and achieved great success, quickly scored the Indian market. Just six months, Chinese Mobile Phones brand in the Indian market to achieve the perfect localization operation. Chinese Mobile Phones brand ceo kevin confident that the 2016 Chinese Mobile Phones brand.

Plans to operate in India to achieve online and offline pairs, and 2016 in the Indian market to achieve the 2000 line store building and development goals.

According to the latest IDC data show that in 2015 India’s smart phone shipments for the first time exceeded 100 million units, reaching 103.6 million units, an increase of 28.8%. 2016 India smart phones will continue to grow rapidly, smart phone shipments this year will exceed the functionality of mobile phones. As China’s smartphone market in 2015 saturation, compared to Europe and the United States mobile phone market, high barriers to India’s smart phone market, although there is still much room for growth, but there is also a fierce competition.

Why is it so recently? Last year, Speed ​​7 and Speed ​​7 plus high-cost low-cost marketing, it is in Snapdeal and Amazon on top of the chip. Regardless of product differentiation or brand of market operation, are able to very well and quickly cure the Chinese mobile phone brands encountered in the export of soil and water problems. Coupled with February 24 this year, ZUCo Barcelona MWC2016 new conference, “the world’s first 10-core mobile phone Speed ​​8” is earned enough of the media and the user’s eye, winning the world’s major electronics industry, the media in one fell swoop Headlines. This with MediaTek Helio X20 Super ten nuclear chip Speed ​​8 also immediately by the media on the industry’s high ground.

That is, this unique marketing strategy, Zhuopu mobile phone in the year 2016 will be the occasion of the success of the Chinese New Year to win the opener. By the Indian users and the media’s strong demand, it is learned this month, speed 8 will be released in the Indian market. According to the CEO brand ceo kevin: “In the entire smart phone industry in the face of winter, Chinese Mobile Phones brand is still full of confidence in the market, hoping to bring more and better products through technology research and development, but also bring new users worldwide smart technology Experience and fun, to achieve the internationalization of the brand Chinese Mobile Phones.

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Put with each other your laptop, GPS navigator, iPod and Apple i smart cell mobile phones – you get the dynamic Apple iPad sixteen GB. APPLE IPAD 16GB WIFI is having a 9.7-inch (diagonal) show with LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Contact display with IPS technology. It’s getting 1024×768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels for each inch (ppi). Its display is Fingerprint-resistant as it is oleo phobic coated. It also supports show of numerous languages and characters simultaneously. You can watch all your favorite movies and picture crisper than ever before. It’s having a height of 9.fifty six inches (242.eight mm), width of 7.47 inches (189.7 mm) and Depth .5 inch (thirteen.4 mm). Its excess weight is just one.5 lbs (.68 kg).Coolpad f2 8675 4g lte fdd smart phones 5.5” ips 1280×720 msm8939 octa core 2gb ram 16gb dual sim 13.0mp camera.Jabees new arrival competitive price in ear super mini wireless name brand bluetooth headset wholesale earphone.

For the domestic mobile phone manufacturers the same way, regardless of Huawei or millet, not want to completely replace the micro-channel and Alipay, which on-line in mind, and in the mobile phone competition homogeneity is very serious today, mobile phone manufacturers must require new scene retain old users or draw new users.So, here we would like to remind consumers not to blindly believe the mobile phone manufacturers publicity stunt, and this one was hyped features vendors sometimes misleading suspect. So, here we have as we set out some of the looks “very good”, but in fact may make you feel disappointed with some smartphones selling point.
Guangzhou, February 15 (Xu Qingqing) Why are you still single? Mobile phone “lying gun”! Experts said that the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones in the convenience of the link between people, but also to more and more people have joined the “bow family”, people in real life face to face communication is in the Unknowingly reduced, “bow family” is caused by an important reason for single.

15, China’s largest dating site good margin of the century, “the Chinese men and women in 2015 the concept of love and marriage survey report” shows that 45% of men and 50% of the female single population recognition bow, so face-to-face communication is increasingly reduced.

Different income groups, the income of over 10,000 groups considered the highest proportion of the head group. Monthly income of 1-2 million, accounting for 27% of men, women accounted for 40%, monthly income of more than 20,000, 32% of men, women accounted for 39%.

Emotional experts, said Zhang Jia Rui, people can be aware of the phenomenon of bow to the dating of marriage barriers, but still a large part of the crowd did not realize that they have become a “bow family”, this unconscious bow in life has affected To the exchange and interaction between people, and indirectly caused by single, so even more can not be ignored.

“Perfect match” is still the mainstream concept of love and marriage

During the Spring Festival, “Shanghai girl to Jiangxi boyfriend home New Year, because they can not accept the dinner and resolutely left to lead to break up” news cause for concern.

According to the report, 33% of men and 50% of women agree with the view that “marriage should be the right match”, much higher than the proportion of opposition, both men and women, the higher the idea of ​​the more traditional thinking that “marriage should match the door” Higher, which master and above the crowd, men and women, respectively, as high as 58% and 73%.

Zhang Jia Rui said that marriage is now pay attention to the “good match” has not only refers to the economic state and spiritual level, also includes both family background. Because marriage is not just a combination of two people, it is a combination of two families, if the two sides of the family situation is poor, often both sides of the values ​​and principles of life can not achieve harmony, mutual acceptance and appreciation is not an easy task. “Perfect match” to promote marriage to go further, to maintain a more solid.

The more money the more lonely?

“In fact, most of the life are plain, but once the run into festivals and celebrations, by contrast, loneliness will be out of time to run out, especially as Valentine’s Day such a holiday, we have no object that even more Lonely, “said Mr. Lin from Shenzhen.

According to the report, in the face of “lonely” topic, the male loneliness to be generally higher than women. Among them, the lower education, lower income groups, the higher the loneliness. Among the surveyed groups, the highest longevity index was 77 (out of 100) and the female was 69 and 70 respectively, much higher than other academic backgrounds and income groups. In all age groups, the highest loneliness index after 90, of which 75 points for men, women, 68 points.

Zhang Jia Rui said that people’s feelings are not understood, or difficult to get a sense of resonance easily lead to loneliness. Learn to properly express emotions, transfer emotional attention, decomposition of negative emotions, will greatly reduce the proportion of loneliness. In comparison, women are better at this point than men, and highly educated people also have more emotional expression and decomposition.

Love starting price: 6700 monthly salary

The so-called love starting price is a single female ideal income of the minimum requirements of her boyfriend, in the other half of the ideal income requirements, different regions and different age groups require different. The lowest monthly salary for women is 6701 yuan, 80 yuan for women and 70 yuan for men, the highest starting price for love is 6993 yuan and 3545 yuan, 90 after the love starting price is low, 6534 yuan. Data from various regions show that men in southern China and northern China, the highest starting price of female love, which has become a room for many women to marry the hard conditions can not be reduced.

In recent years, with the economic development of the love around the starting price “gone up”, many people have felt “can not afford to talk”, “can not afford to marry”, material basis has become a single men and women “off a single”.

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