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Millet 2017 will focus on research and development of high-end smart phones equipped with independent brand processors

Beijing time on February 21 news, over the past few years, millet in the smart phone market has achieved great success. However, despite millet a few years ago in the smart phone market to achieve a huge growth, but the company is now in the smart phone is in a “struggling” state, is being caught up by competitors.

Recently, millet in the domestic smart phone market in the ranking fell to fourth place, by Oppo and Vivo and other companies beyond. In an attempt to maintain strong sales momentum, millet will focus on the development of high-end smartphones in 2017, according to a new report.

From the Digitimes website reported that the current, millet smartphone business is still in a slow state of growth, the company’s first quarter of smart phone sales will be lower than expected.

News that millet is considering how to enhance its competitiveness in the smart phone market, plans to launch in 2017 more high-end smart phones. At present, it is not clear how millet will be in the smart phone market to achieve innovation.

Later this year, millet will be launched with independent research and development of Pinecone (pine) processor smart phone.
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