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Microsoft in the business intelligence and analysis platform to achieve a breakthrough

Today, I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has been leading the quadrant for the second consecutive year in the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analysis Platform Magic Quadrant with leading-edge performance in the field of business intelligence and analytics, – this is also Microsoft for the tenth consecutive year in the Gartner magic quadrant was selected as the leader.

This selection represents Gartner’s recognition of Microsoft’s Power BI’s achievements in innovation. Power BI has made significant growth in both vision and execution since last year’s inclusion in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis Platforms. More importantly, after the official release in July 2015, Power BI in a short time to achieve a major goal: for the various functions within the enterprise, the various departments of more people to provide business intelligence services, as a positive user community Of the company, making such progress makes us feel encouraged.

Power BI is a trusted modern business intelligence solution that delivers constant innovation and value to customers through accurate and fast service. Power BI has always maintained the goal of “five minutes to surprise”, that is, users will be able to complete the registration of Power BI within five seconds, five minutes will be able to obtain commercial value. This goal is to enable customers around the world with self-service business intelligence to achieve their own vision, and access to enhance the ability.

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Microsoft will also “customer-oriented” extended to the daily development and update cycle of Power BI. Since its release, Microsoft has released a series of updates for Power BI, including weekly service updates, and monthly updates for the Power BI Desktop editing tools. This update is based on feedback from our eco-community – since July 2015, more than 200,000 active community users have submitted more than 6,000 product proposals for Power BI, which have brought great updates to our products influences. We are excited to listen to the voice of our community users and translate them into actual product updates after careful evaluation, because we will not be able to reach our present level without the support and feedback from our loyal user base.

With these innovative initiatives and industry recognition, we will continue to accelerate our efforts to deliver “five-minute surprises” to our customers and bring the value of data insight to more users. Thank you and Microsoft have been peers, Microsoft will also be in the data visualization and exploration breakthrough more limits.

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