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meizu mobile phone pro 6s release six months only for camera and life

This afternoon, Meizu Mobile Phone Science and Technology in Qinhuangdao Sanlian Seaside Library held the theme of “to the technology to the time” conference, the official launch of the flagship product grinding six months – Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s. According to the Meizu Mobile Phone publicity before the conference, this new machine will be mainly in the camera and life two points to do to enhance, and the conference also confirmed this.

On the camera, Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s has up to eight innovations and improvements:

1, Meizu Mobile Phone “zero-delay” camera. Meizu Mobile Phone Flyme camera team Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s camera to do a series of special optimization work, the fastest imaging time of only 0.3 seconds, camera delay is approaching 0 seconds.

2, the establishment of blind test platform. Flyme set up a special user blind measurement and adjustment platform, according to the user’s selection of image-style adjustment, the screen more in line with the user’s favorite style.

3, the strongest optical image stabilization. Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s support four-axis image stabilization technology, according to the subject of the distance between the need to automatically switch the direction of compensation, in telephoto or macro when the effect is more obvious. At the same time in the night shot, the Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s joined the OIS, making the amount of light into the greatly increased, while less noise.

4, the camera’s basic parameters to enhance. Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s equipped with 12 million pixel IMX 386 sensor, Pixel PRO 1.12um from 1.12um upgrade to 1.25um, aperture from F2.2 upgrade to F2.0, dark camera ability to enhance the macro shooting better.

5, N choose a software algorithm. In order to ensure the best image quality, Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s in the imaging will automatically take N photos and blur transition to a clear key position to insert the frame, and then select the algorithm from the closest to the clear value of the photo output, the final guarantee of the screen quality.

6, laser focus. Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s laser laser effective distance to 2m, brightness, detail, focusing speed has improved significantly.
meizu mobile phone pro 6s release six months only for camera and life

7, dark noise reduction function. Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s PRO 6 in the dark light noise reduction on the basis of the function, joined the automatic night view recognition camera function, for night and low light environment to adjust the shooting mode and noise reduction capabilities, so that night scene brighter and more pure.

8, the new beauty algorithm. Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s can identify different face, for face personalized beauty, while whitening effect also has a larger increase. Add dynamic beauty makeup to support real-time preview.

On the endurance, Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s the size of the PRO 6 is almost the same, the thickness increased by only 0.05mm, 7.3mm. But on this basis, the aircraft’s battery capacity has increased from 2560mAh to the current 3060mAh, the body size of little change under the premise of increased battery density, endurance capacity by 20%, the official claim that the use of medium-strength can adhere to the day, Than similar models even better.

Other aspects, Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s little change. Equipped with 5.2 inches 1080P screen, still supports 3D Press pressure sense touch control; built-in MediaTek Helio X25 ten, with a full-metal body design, follow the “one size fits all” antenna technology, with moonlight silver, rose gold, starry gray and champagne gold four color; Core processor, comes standard with 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM; front with a fingerprint identification waist button, while Hi-Fi configuration, full Netcom and fast charge and other functions are all retained.

Price, Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s (4 +64 GB version) price of 2699 yuan. Was November 3 evening to accept reservations, and on November 7 in the Meizu Mobile Phone official website, Jingdong Mall and other channels on sale. At the same time Meizu Mobile Phone also released a PRO 6s exclusive music player protection shell, using a Meizu Mobile Phone classic player design style.

Prior to this, Meizu Mobile Phone founder Huang Zhang released microblogging said, “polished this thing no business logic, love to continue to improve. I hope you like it.” Indeed, from today’s Meizu Mobile Phone PRO 6s, we seem to see the kind of artisans before the return of Meizu Mobile Phone. So, everyone on this after six months of polishing the ingenuity is like it?

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