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Looking forward to the mainstream brand is about to release the smartphone

Mobile World Congress will be held from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, ​​where all the latest mobile technology will be announced here, smartphones, tablet PCs, wearable equipment, accessories, and the latest technology products. Do you want to know in advance that next month’s Barcelona MWC will release what’s new smartphones?

Samsung’s booth has been one of the largest and watched booths in MWC, but this year or different, Samsung recently confirmed that Galaxy S8 does not appear, Samsung in order to ensure the highest flagship level of Galaxy S8 standard, and will not let this Taiwan flagship machine appears, and this Galaxy S8 flagship machine will be at the end of March or early April debut.

The Samsung booth will be the new flagship phone, there will be a new Tablet PC Galaxy Tab S3, and has a new screen Galaxy mobile phone, in addition to entry-level and mid-range Galaxy A and Galaxy J Mobile phone.

The Samsung may also release a new version of Gear VR with the fourth generation Galaxy Xcover smartphone.

LG’s news should be the top event of MWC, because the LG will release LG G6, LG G6 will have a high screen share, of course, we also hope that it is fast, waterproof, nice.

LG in addition to the LG G6 will also have released LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport two smart watches, these two smart watches will be updated to the Android 2.0 system.

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Sony rarely heard the news of the MWC, but large-scale leaked the new Xperia models, if the news is true, this time Sony will release a pile of Xperia’s new phone, including the configuration Qualcomm 835,4K screen Flagship machine, of course, we have reported Xperia XA successor Xperia XA 2.

HTC this time will not Qualcomm 835 level flagship machine, and may launch a mid-range phone, this mid-range phone is likely to HTC One M10 successor model, there is no news that HTC will launch Android Wear smart watch.

There are still news that HTC may also launch a new HTC One X10, which is a mid-range phone, when not sure will appear on the MWC.

Nokia has launched the latest Nokia 6, Nokia has confirmed that will participate in the MWC, but not sure what Nokia will release products, news that Nokia will release a Qualcomm 835 with the flagship level of mobile phones.

The new Nokia phone will be released on the MWC, code-named Heart, this model for the mid-range phone, in addition, there is an 18-inch Tablet PC, through the specifications to determine the heart of the phone for the 5.2-inch Android Mobile phones may be with this 18-inch Tablet PC at the same time debut.

Of course, MWC may also be released on Nokia, was named Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 mobile phone, and the most users concerned about the 3310 reset version is the most unlikely to appear.

Moto will certainly launch a new phone on the MWC, which is sure that this will launch the fifth generation of G series phones, and there are likely that several versions will be released, including standard, enhanced and Plus versions.

As for Lenovo, it is not clear what new mobile phones will be launched, but will launch a Tablet PC Yoga lineup.

The mobile phone for the Huawei P10, Huawei is expected to be released on the MWC new machine, this phone will have better than the P9 camera images and more features, in addition to the new Huawei smart phone will run Android Wear 2.0 system.

The first time to attend the MWC, this will be released a new mobile phone, BlackBerry Mercury (BlackBerry Mercury) is a very rare model, an Android phone and physical keyboard perfect combination, but now do not know this model Detailed details.

Although the ASUS does not have a large-scale release of MWC news, but we can still see ASC on the MWC new hardware, ZenFone 3 Go this entry-level models, ASUS Zenfone 3 Go will have 5-inch 720P screen, Qualcomm 410 processor, 2GB of memory, 13 million rear camera and 5 million front camera. The mobile phone features an integrated fuselage for metal, which is said to start selling at $ 160. If you want to buy a new Zenfone 4 may have to wait until May.

There are news that the Alcatel will be released several new phones, including a “Light Up”, this smart phone can be in time and music glow with colorful lights, there is a smart phone will use the module design, Will be equipped with MediaTek chip, the back of the 13 million pixel camera.

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