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Looking forward to the future of smart phones, rethink three mobile phone mode

With the gradual completion of penetration of smart phones in China, domestic mobile phone brand has also completed a reshuffle. Past TCL, waveguide (mobile phone fighter), Amoi, Lenovo and so gradually fade out of our vision, replaced by millet, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and so on. We first saw the millet miracle, then Huawei became the largest domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and according to the data at the end of 2017, Oppo has become a new king. This article attempts to consider their differences from the business model of OV, millet, and Huawei, as well as the prospect of future Chinese smartphones.

Alternative legend OV: channel is king

Backgammon origin of OV is the biggest winner in the past few years the rise of domestic mobile phone.

Even the last issue of the “Economist” magazine also mentioned the success of OV: channel is king. According to IDC’s latest data, OV shipments have surpassed Huawei, has become the boss of the Chinese mobile phone market, both the total market share of up to 30%. The two with the pace of the establishment of the mobile phone brand, in the past few years the depth of cultivating line channels, especially in the Internet to accept the level of the city is not so high second and third tier cities in the area, through the ancient city surrounded by the city to become a Surprising Chinese mobile phone leader.

If we enter the three or four lines of the city, will not be surprised Oppo, Vivo’s success. Almost every 50 meters can be seen to sell Oppo and Vivo mobile phone dealers. OV shopping guide is very warm, obviously received a unified professional training. At the same time, every shopping guide WeChat will add all the customers in his side to buy mobile phone, once the problem can immediately contact, so that someone to solve you. It can be said, OV shopping guide at the same time do the work of after-sales service. For most of the four or five city people, it is difficult to accept the pure Internet channel millet. They need to contact the phone, someone to explain the function of the phone, and see the after-sales service.

Excellent brand promotion. As early as a few years ago, OV put a lot of resources in the brand publicity, so many people do not know OV is a domestic mobile phone. I deeply remember in the “Pirates of the dream space” after the launch of the little plum when the hottest time, Oppo had launched a small plum endorsement “Find Me” advertising. We found a variety show ads, obviously endorsement OV are the most. Li Yi Feng, Yang Yang, Yang Mi, Song Hye Kyo, TF Boys and so on for Oppo endorsement too. “Charge five minutes, call 2 hours”, a strong beauty camera features have become their distinctive features. This is OV in product design and advertising on the understanding of human nature.

Most of the mobile phone in the design of the time, have ignored the female self-timer “just need”. Too much emphasis on the system, while ignoring the simple camera function. OV through a little bit of small hardware transformation, the rapid access to the recognition of female users. And fast charging function, more from its strong propaganda. In fact, most of the phone today after charging 5 minutes, can talk a long time.

OV alternative “O2O” business model. I defined OV’s success as an alternative O2O model.

Internet era of the Internet is actually the flow of the entrance, through the Internet to obtain user traffic flow. In the OV system, their online is the traditional media channels, through a large number of advertising traffic and access to the user’s awareness. In advertising and marketing, OV has done a very distinctive product features, a clear brand, which also allows the OV advertising to be accurate enough (basically all in the variety show). And the line Oppo’s physical store also carries the service experience function, not just the past, the traditional sales channels. As OV to the dealer’s high profits, OV dealer sales enthusiasm particularly strong, but also through a unified specialized training, has become a line of mobile phone sales “sea fishing.”

As most of the residents of the city, the complexity of the configuration completely do not understand, do not understand the difference between the operating system. Basically, you need to take pictures, music, call these most basic functions, plus a good sign to hear, plus assured after-sales service. OV can be said to meet all this demand, but also created the legend of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

King of the price: millet

I am a typical MiBoy, loyal millet fan. Last month I just did not buy long millet 5 was stolen, re-buy or millet 5s. From the perspective of cost-effective, millet is definitely the best I used the phone. And the price, but also to become a mobile Internet terminal millet, one of the biggest winners.

In the business model, millet first grabbed the “to the middle” of the dividend. At that time most of the traditional mobile phone business or a large number of channels, and the variety of mobile phones is also very much. The rise of millet is like Dell’s model on the personal computer, through the middle of the channel, Rangli to the user. But also in the product category, more single. The entire mobile Internet era of smart phones, you can download different applications to personalize the phone, do not need to carry more features. And millet is a new entrant, without any burden. This is why new comers tend to subvert traditional businesses because their genes are brand new and have no historical burden. That year, Nokia, Motorola so many mobile phone varieties, and Apple rely on a single category quickly gained the world of smart phones.

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Speaking of apples, millet is also the most developed for Apple, the earliest domestic mobile phone manufacturers. The earliest to learn a combination of soft and soft business model. Unlike Apple to rely on hardware charges, the software free features, millet is the cost of selling hardware, and then pay through the user’s software to make money. Of course, to today’s millet hardware phone has also been profitable. And based on millet software operating system, derived from a series of other hardware products. Of course, the phone is still the company’s core business.

Due to the high cost, less than 1,000 yuan can buy high-quality, branded millet smart phone. Millet quickly became the largest market share in China’s hand, explaining a large number of “red and white” market share. In the past to buy a mobile phone, often to the railway station of the city, where the mobile phone stall will be assembled according to your request without a brand of “red and white machine.” As the emergence of millet, we found that no brand of mobile phones less and less.

As millet users, but also deeply feel the millet mobile phone industry conscience. Before the use of red rice Note 2, when the two 811 to buy 899. The price is really very good, and how to fall is not bad. Later, because the memory is not enough, for the millet 5.1700 millet 5, basically give me a demand for a mobile phone.

Of course, over the past year, millet was significantly affected by the impact of the OV line channel, shipments fell 36% year on year, market share from 15.1% in 2015 fell to 2017 at the end of 8.9%. In fact, from the product line, millet in 2017 or millet 5 and Mix such a heavy product.

I think 2017 millet stumble endlessly, mainly in a few questions:

Permeability to a certain position after the line channel value. Millet is the first to intermediate links, with the Internet model of the sale of mobile phones. This model will be very fast, and in a well-educated second-tier city is very good. But the smart phone penetration to a certain position, and then to the three or four lines of urban infiltration, the line channel becomes important;

As millet “cost” of the king’s characteristics are too deep-rooted, leading to low-end brand, do not go. In the fastest growing 2000-3000 yuan mobile phone models, the lack of the main varieties. Millet most models are 1000-2000 yuan price. Millet ignored, most consumers do not understand the chip and function, or rely on the brand power.

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