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legal daily investigations mobile recycling

Personal information protection and environmental issues are public concerns

Reporter found in the interview, cell phone recycling not only by the increasing degree of concern, but also is becoming an emerging industry, the entire social development has brought some deep-seated influence.

TM to compare cost-effective

Mr. Zhao, a resident of Beijing, had an experience in selling mobile phones in the first half of this year.
Mr. Zhao told reporters that his cell phone was purchased in September last year, the price of more than 900 yuan. In April this year, he was a large shopping site fancy a more high-end models, the price is a lot more expensive than the original phone.
“The original phone with less than a year, began to feel a bit uneconomical, and later found this shopping site also provides mobile phone recycling services, I put my phone to do an online assessment and found that the value of more than 400 yuan , So decisively to sell the old phone on the Internet. “Mr. Zhao said that the process of selling mobile phones is relatively simple, online submission of applications, and then there are specialized door-to-door recycling.

According to Mr. Zhao introduced in the recycling process, the staff more carefully, the phone was carefully tested.
“However, I get the phone after the sale is not cash, but recharge to the personal account of this shopping site.” Mr. Zhao said, nevertheless, he still feel more cost-effective, first mobile phone selling price is satisfactory, Second, this shopping site a lot of things, daily necessities can be used to buy.

According to the Chinese Association for Recycling of Electronic Materials Recycling Branch of the Secretary-General in the introduction of Keli, with the development of high-tech and applications, people on the phone appearance, functional requirements are also rising, mobile phone update cycle gradually shortened. According to the survey, in 2011, China’s smart phone replacement cycle of 29 months, and in 2014, about 50% of users to replace the machine for 18 months, 20% of users within a year must change the phone, use two years later Replacement of the proportion of users down to 30%; mobile phone average service life of about 1.9 years.

“Recycling of mobile phones can be divided into second-hand mobile phones and scrapped mobile phones, the recycling of different. Some relatively new big brands, more trendy mobile phone, after the acquisition after cleaning, polishing, beauty or maintenance, in the form of second-hand mobile phone Sales; there is a scrapped mobile phone, batch sent to the dismantling plant for dismantling, part of the components can be reused or extract the precious metals in the circuit board. “Can be said.

Multi-Section Recycling founder Feng Yannan said, scrapped mobile phones are usually old, basically not much use, do not have the actual use value. Such mobile phone dismantling, extraction process is more complex, the value is not high. Used mobile phones can continue to circulate in the market, the value of higher.

Recycling gradually open and transparent

At present, the mobile phone recycling industry is more obvious the trend of industrialization, has also been sought after by the capital market, implicitly has become the trend of the Internet outlet.

Not long ago, according to media reports, focusing on the recovery of idle mobile phone recycling treasure platform from SMC Shi Ming Group A + round of financing, from the armor of the capital as an exclusive financing consultant. He Fan, according to recycling CEO, revealed that the valuation of the A-round rose six times compared to nearly 3 times. Prior to this, 3C product recycling platform love recycling was Morningside, Jingdong, day plans and other joint investment of 60 million US dollars, and launched a large-scale branding.

With the rapid development of mobile phone recycling industry, industry prospects gradually clear.

“Now need to deal with the amount of waste mobile phone is relatively large .Why have such a large number of used mobile phone? Because it is specialized in mobile phone recycling before the number of professional institutions is too small .Some people’s mobile phone is useless, but do not know where Processing, can only be thrown at home. “Feng Yannan said, cell phone recycling is not a new industry. In the past, many mobile phone shops have provided recycling services. However, in the past that old recycling methods did not establish reputation, the main reason is that the recycling process is not open and transparent. Now due to the rapid development of the Internet, mobile phone recycling industry can use the Internet to re-create the way. The biggest advantage of the Internet is to make mobile phone recycling has become more transparent, more people recognized.

“If there is not a better way to be recognized recycling, many people do not have the power to deal with used mobile phones.” Feng Yanan said that the mobile phone recycling prospects for the development of the future.

“China’s current waste mobile phone recycling channels, including individual mobile vendors, second-hand mobile phone recyclers, dealers and maintenance providers, some mobile phone manufacturers have also carried out a number of related activities.” In Keli that, according to the mobile phone recycling market Research and estimates, in 2015 the amount of waste mobile phone recycling is about 200 million; about abandoned by the mobile phone subsidies to stimulate the policy is expected to 2016, China’s waste recycling of mobile phones in the 2-3 million between. Compared to 6 to 700 million per year out of the amount of waste mobile phone recovery rate is growing, but there is still much room for growth.

“The future scope of the recovery is not limited to mobile phones, but also gradually extended to all aspects of life.In the past is the lack of material, scrap items not much, and now rich in material, people’s lives in a lot of waste items.Waste items at home is a waste , Recycling industry can use up the waste materials. “Feng Yannan said, as some large shopping site now, the beginning is to start selling electronic products, and gradually extended to sell all kinds of daily necessities. Mobile phone recycling industry is also committed to creating a network platform, starting from the recycling of mobile phones, and gradually involve other recycling of used items, such as clothes, although the value is not high, but the cumulative increase is also very impressive. From the perspective of social development, waste materials can not pile more, to be recycled. I believe there will be more and more enterprises to enter the recycling industry.

Information and environmental concerns

In the mobile phone recycling industry, the rise of more concerned about the personal information protection and environmental protection in two areas.
Mobile phone information storage and computer storage is similar to the format of the phone, the content is still in. For example, is to erase the house number, the door is still something inside .In addition, the mobile phone operating system, security performance is not the same . If from a security point of view, the general use of specialized security software and security equipment on the disposal of used mobile phones, completely disrupting the data inside. “Feng Yanan said, the regular recycling companies will be professional mobile phone personal information processing . The use of some security software is not complicated, mobile phone users can download their own mobile phone for processing.

For environmental issues, Feng Yanan that this is mainly related to the phone completely scrapped, generally to the specialized manufacturers for processing. Now the problem is that, in accordance with the formal procedures for dealing with the high cost of discarded mobile phones, cell phone in the extraction process of some of the more complex components, some manufacturers use some simple practices, although able to save time and save time, but not environmentally friendly. Should support a number of large, large-scale enterprises to do mobile phone dismantling, and now work in this area is constantly advancing. If you can through the regular way to the useful components of waste mobile phones extracted, the community is very good.

“Consumers should still be active on the phone recycling support attitude.Today some consumers are reluctant to sell the old phone, the main concern is personal information security.If this problem can not be properly addressed, many consumers do not want to support mobile phones So I think the current authorities should be conscious of the development of some related industries for consumer personal information to provide more protection. “Renmin University of China School of Law professor, vice president of the Chinese Consumers Association Liu Junhai said that some consumers in order to protect Personal information would rather waste mobile phones to smashed, this is certainly not a good idea, or should be handed over to the professional mobile phone recycling companies.

The development of the rules and regulations

However, there are still some problems such as the imperfect network system, the imperfect standard system of industry policies, and the lack of comprehensive recycling and processing capacity. The recycling industry of waste mobile phone has a bright future. For example, the current management of waste mobile phone recycling market without special regulations or management practices to follow, the market development is not standardized, more confusion, the number of formal recycling enterprises scarce, making China’s waste mobile phone recycling system is insufficient to form “olive” Small, intermediate large “bad structure. The lack of industry standards or norms, the development of the entire industry lack of guidance, although there are some environmentally friendly or efficient use of resources, the practice of high efficiency, but the overall level is not high.

legal daily investigations mobile recycling

In this regard, can be made in a few specific recommendations: can be through fiscal and taxation, market access and other means to encourage large-scale, professional, innovative recycling enterprise development; further improve the producer extension responsibility system, the production enterprises into the recovery system , Encourage manufacturers to use the existing sales and maintenance channels to build their own, joint construction or commissioned by a professional third-party construction of recycling network system.

In addition, should establish and improve the industry standard system.Enhance the government regulation, for waste mobile phone recycling industry involved in the classification, identification, sorting, information destruction, repair, dismantling, re-use of components, materials, precious metals extraction The introduction of the relevant technical standards, guidelines, industry standards or certification, the management of the whole process of recycling of discarded mobile phones to encourage and guide the norms of professional waste recycling companies to become the main market, the scientific mobile phone will be environmentally sound Processing and efficient use of resources. “In the benefit can be said.

In the benefit also recommended to further promote the recycling of waste mobile phone integrated processing technology research and development, a reasonable upgrade processing capacity. On the one hand, encourage waste mobile phone classification, dismantling and processing technology research and development and industrialization, and strive to enhance the professional capacity of waste mobile phones in China; the other hand, should also be rational planning, to avoid enterprises herd, resulting in capacity Excess and vicious competition.

“In addition to government departments in the waste mobile phone processing links to increase efforts, but also pay attention to the recovery process efficiency, because some mobile phone users even know to deal with, but do not know where to deal with, after all, the value is not high, Recycling bins and the like, can easily put together the used mobile phones. “Feng Yanan said.

“To the mobile phone recycling companies to establish a certain threshold to ensure that the recycling power of mobile phone recycling companies to enter the industry in the future may consider the development of specialized mobile phone recycling regulations, a little higher than the department regulations, lower than the law, I think this is Clear that the purpose of mobile phone recycling in order to avoid environmental pollution, saving resources, while creating a socially responsible consumer groups, which is the consumption of the consumer, The concept of renewal and revolution.Secondly, the recycling of mobile phone manufacturers to encourage recycling, and provide the appropriate preferential policies. “Liu Junhai said.

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