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Learn a good example of OV?

Line channels to become the main battlefield of mobile phone industry resource gathering

From last summer, “blue and green manufacturers” OPPO and vivo to show aggressive market speed, have surpassed millet, among the first echelon of China’s mobile phone. Intensive line of shops, heavily sponsor popular variety show, high prices to hire spokesmen to become OPPO, vivo rise of the most obvious help. For a time OV mode scenery unlimited, friends have to follow suit to expand the line under the store, line channels to become the main battlefield of mobile phone industry resource gathering. Sino data show that online market growth in 2017 slow or even a negative growth, while the line under the basic channel maintained a 20% or more year on year growth rate.

Huawei started the “county plan”, based on the focus of 368 retail stores, to the county town store layout; millet is based on millet home, plans to use 3 to 4 years out of 1000 stores; Line to the six-line market stores from 70,000 expansion to 100,000; music as, Meizu and 360, respectively, and Di Xin Tong cooperation to expand sales network.

Learn from millet to study a good example of OV, as if the Internet thought long live, the channel is really omnipotent?

Wang Yanhui pointed out that OV mode we all see their stores and advertising, but the core factor is that they go is the brand operation of the road, relying on years of hard work played a brand premium. The channel is only one factor for the success of OV. OPPO annual product is not much, but almost paragraph is explosive material. OPPO vice president Wu Qiang that 2017 OPPO results thanks to a simple focus on young users like to take pictures of mobile phones.

In the view of more professionals, OV’s success is not a day, they have been in the social retail channel has been for more than a decade. 4G era of China’s mobile phone channel to adjust the achievements of their brilliant today. But the industry changes too fast, each company only according to their product positioning and characteristics, online and offline to find their own channel balance, is more important.

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Beijing Morning News reporter Jiao Likun

4 Do you still have an internet phone?

To marketing the end of the 1.0 drive to the user experience as the core of the 2.0 era

Looking back 2017, Lei Jun said he was some “confused”. This year the millet phone did not fall behind. “Millet in the past rushed too fast, ahead of the overdraft growth, the need to slow down the adjustment and make up.” Lei Jun reflection.

With the electricity business dividers increasingly faded to millet as the representative of the Internet phone encountered growth ceilings, they take the price of weapons is no longer sharp, and finally know how the Internet can change the channel of the phone, but it is difficult to change the industry’s operating rules and rules of the game The

“With the increasingly fierce market competition, the simple price war in the future is difficult in this tragic market to attract the attention of consumers.” Counterpoint research director Yan Zhan Meng said that blind pursuit of price war and marketing war difficult to long.

In fact, the cost of the component by the biggest impact, bear the brunt of the main cost-effective “Internet phone”, which also exposed the Internet phone meager profits.

In the industry view, the Internet mobile phone ring is experiencing a new round of change – to drive the 1.0 drive to the end of the user experience into the core of the 2.0 era. The second half of the competition, how can the Internet phone to withstand the pressure to complete the evolution?

Glory president Zhao Ming pointed out that in 2017 China’s mobile phone industry will experience unprecedented anxiety and confusion. “The moment for the Internet phone, is really the time of life and death choice.

At this moment, glory gives evolutionary solutions: to respond to risks and challenges for product, innovation and user speed. And millet will be in the black technology, new retail, international focus on the road. 360 mobile phones are determined to gain a firm foothold through product innovation.

5 Chinese mobile phone is now the most missing?

Patent, technology, supply chain, the right to speak is not in the hands of local enterprises

Despite the cold in the country, but millet in India’s fruit is not bad. IDC data show that 2017 millet to 119% annual growth rate for the first time into the top five, ranked first in China’s mobile phone. The fourth quarter of last year, millet has become India’s second largest smart phone manufacturers, the market share of 10.7%. It is reported that millet will soon be licensed by the Indian government to operate its own brand of retail stores in India.

In fact, the Indian market is active in a large number of Chinese mobile phone players. Huawei launched the “Made in India” in October last year and claimed that it would take 10% of the market share in India in 2017. OPPO, vivo, Jin Li have been prepared or ready to build factories in India. If 2017 is the Chinese smart phone brand manufacturers to fully combat the first year of overseas markets, then the pace of gold rush this year will be greater.

Especially the Chinese market has peaked, the demographic dividend is disappearing. Sinoe data show that in 2017 China’s mobile phone market grew 17% year on year growth is expected in 2017 is 1%, and the next three years are 1% to 2% growth. More importantly, Huawei, OPPO, vivo three accounted for half of the Chinese market, small business people living space greatly reduced, while overseas still has a vast world.

But this piece of meat and potatoes is not easy to eat. Patent, technology, supply chain, the right to speak is not in the hands of local enterprises. Among them, the patent is around the mountain. Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, vivo, millet, Jin Li and so on in the overseas market suffered a patent prosecution. Throughout the domestic mobile phone brand in the overseas prosecution, mainly in the Indian market and the US market-based.

In fact, in recent years, China’s mobile phone business for the patent awareness has been greatly improved, have concluded a contract with Qualcomm. 2017 Chinese patent data list, six mobile phone manufacturers to advance the top ten.

“If the big pattern of China’s mobile phone market has been set, the overseas market of Chinese brand shopping has just begun.” Wang Yanhui that the next decade is the Chinese brand to overseas gold ten years, the biggest surprise is that there may be a number of International influence of the big.

6 how long will China’s mobile phone be good?

This year there will be a large number of brands to be eliminated

Last weekend, TCL Communications China president Yang Zhe was dismissed from the news. In his commander of more than a year, TCL mobile phone business and no significant improvement. This old mobile phone business had also experienced a layoff storm. The industry generally believe that poor performance is the main reason for Yang Zhe left.

From the end of last year, coaching change, adjust, layoffs and even bankruptcy and other news will be surrounded by mobile phone circles, TCL, ZTE, Lenovo are experienced pains. Relative to the outbreak of Huawei OV and profit soared, second and third line brand profit and survival pressure is growing.

According to Wang Yang observed last year there are two or three small brands disappear. The current domestic market active mobile phone brands there are more than 50, to the end of this year is likely to only 30.

Meizu Vice President Li Nan also believes that this year there will be a large number of brands were eliminated. But the market players can not only three, the remaining five is possible. “The fighting is not over.” Meizu this year should also put profits in the first place.

“This is a worst industry, full of uncertain challenges; this is one of the best industry, full of endless imagination and opportunity.” ZTE CEO Lu Qianhao analysis pointed out that this year’s mobile competition from a simple capital war , Marketing war to capital-intensive, human-intensive, technology-intensive and market-intensive transfer. In his view, the competition between mobile phone business is no longer a single product, a single price segment or a single market, but a whole industry chain, the global market, the whole user and the whole experience of competition. “Competition is more intense than ever, and more fun, more brutal, and more spectacular – no winners forever.”


2017 years

The most worth looking forward to the black technology

Double photo, the whole network, surface screen, long life is 2017 mobile phone technology innovation several labels. Despite the bottleneck of innovation in recent years, but with the progress of science and technology and 5G coming soon, what are the black technology worth looking forward to this year?

Flexible screen

The phone can be bent at will

Curved screen in the last year shine, wearing a lot of flagship body. Any bending of the flexible screen may become the new trend this year. Many manufacturers are studying flexible screen technology, Apple has applied for a related patent. Flexible screen can make the phone shape to bring more imagination, such as the phone can be folded clamshell, or even wound on the wrist.

Fast charge

Charging time is getting shorter and shorter

targetvirgin mobile phones
Currently with fast charge technology, a few mobile phones, and with the technological progress of charging time will be shorter and shorter. With the official release of the high-pass Xiao Long 835, a new generation of fast charge technology Quick Charge 4.0 can be achieved, it is learned that this technology can be 15 minutes or even less time to fill up to 50% of the electricity, to achieve charging for five minutes, Talk for 5 hours. Meizu recently is the fast charge technology used on the thousand dollars on the machine.

Wireless charging

Get rid of the power cord

Although the wireless charging technology has been introduced by manufacturers, after all, rare. As early as 2012, Nokia launched the relevant products, but unfortunately no fire up. Wireless charging technology will let the phone from the power line in the liberation, I believe there will be a great market. Apple is said to be studying a wireless charging technology for the iPhone and iPad, and the fastest possible use of this technology for products released in 2017.

artificial intelligence

Mobile phone better understand you

This is the most hottest concept. Prior to the glorious artificial smart phone Magic stunning debut, it can be through the perception and depth of learning, remember the user’s habits, so smart to provide users and recommend services. And artificial intelligence how to integrate with the phone more closely, more ground gas will be an important evolution direction, many manufacturers are wrestling how to make mobile phones become more intelligent.

Iris recognition

More secure

Fingerprint recognition is already the mainstream mobile phone standard. Cooler iris recognition is concerned, blink blinks eyes can boot. And, iris recognition of the security is much higher than the fingerprint recognition, more and more attention to information security today will certainly have a great market. Last year, Samsung Note7 equipped with this technology, but unfortunately encountered unexpected. It is said that Samsung will release the S8 will have this feature.

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