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kevin kelly claims that vr in some years later will replace the smart phone

On the afternoon of December 9, Kevin Kelly and Feng Xin, CEO of Dragonflies, and Guo Jia, Vice President of Dragonflies, conducted a peak conversation on the website of “Meet the Future and Kevin Kelly’s Summit”.

Dialogue 1

Five years after the network media will look like?

Storm Group CEO Feng Xin: the next five years there may be three things to happen. First, now the Internet is the PC screen and mobile phone screen, five years later will become four screens, is the glasses on the VR screen, as well as home screen, should be four screen in the competition. Second, the content source will produce changes, a large number of video, and will intensify. Third, will lead to Focus-style reading.

Kevin Kelly: Our society is now becoming more and more dependent on video, so it plays a role in the middle, there are some live connections live have spent a lot of time. And I think that this produces some new video behind the industry, artificial intelligence can do this work, I think this is a necessary trend, you can search through AI some of the desired video.

Dialogue 2

The greatest subversive forces may be hidden in where?

Kevin Kelly: I do not know, but I believe that such subversive changes will happen. In the next five years, social media will continue to be influenced by other agencies, or other industry forces. The impact of social media will not be too great, it is still the mainstream media in the next five years, there are many industries have great potential, will become the new media, will affect the existing social media.

Dragonfly FM Vice President Guo Jia: I think every subversion of the enterprise, or industry, want to know where the subversive, the problem itself is unable to answer. If I can now feel the subversive person where, I will do that person.

Conversation 3

VR venture how to survive the current frozen period?

Kevin Kelly: In 1989 I predicted the five-year VR will be listed, but then did not appear. Now a lot of conditions make VR listed, and in continuous improvement, in the next five years, you will see the first consumer goods market, ten years later everyone can use VR glasses. As the next platform after the smart phone, VR will show a very broad platform, VR will be more and more developed ecology.

Storm Group CEO Feng Xin: VR industry this year, mainly cold case of capital problems, but no capital can not grow it? I think not, a good company could get 10 million, and now take 1 million can still live. When the environment is poor, but forced out a lot of good companies and projects. Investors of the cold VR, VR industry does not mean that the cold.

VR industry is an urgent need to solve the three technical problems. First, we should reduce the weight, some VR glasses is probably more than 500 grams, obviously too heavy; In addition, VR also need to solve the problem of clarity; the third technical problem is dizziness.

Fan questions

How to improve their future is not being replaced by robots?

Question 1: Many people do not believe these forecasts about the future, your future forecast will be wrong?

Kevin Kelly: My prediction is wrong most of the time, wrong more than the right. But in this respect I really can not, because our human predictive ability is limited, predictive ability is limited, the only way is to learn, to try, you try to try, you will learn new things.

Question 2: Can you predict the future of human emotions will be what kind of change?

Kevin Kelly: For all of us may be a very surprised thing, the future of human emotions and emotions can be programmed, the emotional programming is actually more simple than the intelligence of programming. If you have pets, these pets may not be smart, but they are emotional, they can express their love, you can share the love. The future, I think the human emotions, such as adults to children, adults and children of interaction, we can use some of the intelligence to replace the emotional exchanges.

Question 3: Mr. KK, I would like to ask, who will bring you the biggest challenge?

kevin kelly claims that vr in some years later will replace the smart phone

Kevin Kelley: I believe the biggest challenge for me is that those who learn in practical exercises, is the use of AI artificial intelligence. They will mention the most difficult issues, but they also have a short board, because when they use these technologies, the foresight of the future will be reduced.

Question 4: In the future, artificial intelligence will replace about 70% of human work, as a human individual, how can we upgrade ourselves in the future, can we not be replaced by the machine work?

Kevin Kelly: Machine can do a lot of things, what are the benefits to us? I believe that a great advantage is to answer questions. If you want to know the answer to all the questions, you can ask the robot later, they will give you a very accurate answer. What humans do better is to “ask questions,” not to answer questions. The advantage of mankind is thirst for knowledge. We do not understand where we are confused, we have dreams, this is the main work of mankind.

Live Record

After listening to KK lectures

They say so

Ai Cheng

(Ai asked the founder, investment fund investment partner Sifu)

KK’s speech tells us that the future of the world is a human and machine marriage society, the future we will say AI +. KK give me the biggest touch of words: You can choose not to believe that he said all the words, because as a human, we must continue to innovate.

Liang Dong

(Founder of Ankang Kang)

I interviewed him this morning, and I said that our future children, what kind of skills they should have in order to become a worthy future of the human, that is, valuable people. He said that people are continuing to learn. Prior to the discussion or KK said, not just children, even the adults is, each of us in this life can only lifelong learning, live to learn the old, is the only fate of our life.

Luo Jiongbin

(Secretary-General, Foreign Language Committee, Chengdu Institute of Education)

walmart mobile phones
If through time and space in 2046, one day, we may find: the world of all things “form”, allowing material thinking “knowledge”, rivers and lakes-like information “flow”, everyone used the “screen reading “, Do not have the” use “, more extensive” sharing “, on-demand” filtering “, arbitrary” remix “, realistic virtual” interactive “, used to” tracking ” “Question”, the global mind network platform, another “start”, Mr. KK prophecy of all 12 kinds of technological trends, will no longer be predicted.

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