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just a mobile phone accessories to test their vision optometrists to cause

Small probe to the United States, found that Americans are concerned about personal health is high, many people have regular experience, see dentists, check vision habits. With the popularity of computers and smart phones, more and more people are staring at the computer every day to work and study, more and more people with myopia. But regularly to check the vision and trouble and expensive, very few people have such a habit.

Today, the small exploration to introduce you can make a home is very easy to detect vision of the gadgets – EyeQue, which is the world’s first smartphone with the use of vision detector.

EyeQue smartphone vision detector includes a miniature oscilloscope and myEyeQue app (iOS and Andrews have). Microscope is a complex optical device, can not because it is small on the small it. Its interior has a sophisticated lens group and a professional inspection sensor.

Use is particularly simple, remove the protective stickers, and micro-oscilloscope connected to the smart phone.

Eye alignment micro oscilloscope, relax ~

When the lines on the screen overlap, press the button.

Rotate the eyepiece after each measurement.

Then you can know your eyesight, app will help you record different time test data. So you can control their own vision changes friends. In addition, app there are many professional advice, will guide you how to protect eyesight.

EyeQue also took the upcoming CES Innovation Award and the Prism Award. There are two brushes of the yo.

At present, EyeQue smartphone vision detector in the crowded chipset site Kickstarter on the raised, the price is 18 dollars, is expected in February 2017 delivery. Like a small partner can go to Kickstarter to see.

Take a look at the video!

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just a mobile phone accessories to test their vision optometrists to cause

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