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iphone is no longer the best mobile phone

IPhone is excellent, because Apple’s strongest hardware design and independent iOS software, Google is now also taking this road. Talking about the iPhone and Pixel mobile phone who is better now is of little significance, after all, is a different camp. However, today to see a very interesting point of view, that the iPhone is no longer the best “Google phone,” This is what it is talking about in the end it?

This fall, the highest attention smartphone, it is clear that none other than Apple’s iPhone, but Apple’s main rival Google, this year for the first time released its own brand of smart phones, that is, Pixel and Pixel XL. Google in the machine’s conference many times mentioned iPhone, and as a contrast. So it is clear that Google Pixel new machine is more like a target to fight the iPhone and students.

In this regard, recently a Jason Cipriani expressed his unique view, he believes that this year’s best smartphone iPhone is one of them, and Google’s latest release of Pixel series of new machines to join the ranks of them. If you really want to make a comparison, then, now, “iPhone is no longer the best Google phone!”

The foreigner spent nearly a month or so, personally experience the depth of Google’s Pixel smartphone, and finally come to this year’s best “Google phone” conclusion. He said that if someone asked him to buy mobile phones, whether friends and family members, or completely unfamiliar passers-by, he would not hesitate to recommend Google Pixel smartphone, of course, iPhone 7 Plus is still one of the recommendations.

Foreigners said, Pixel smart phone camera is so good, and take pictures easily, incredibly fast speed. The phone itself is very strong performance, extreme use of the case did not feel any slow, or delay the case of Caton, but also has a long life.

However, the most attractive to individuals is not the Pixel smart phone hardware specifications, because from the software level, called the best ever to buy Android smart phone, this argument is not ridiculous!

See here, you should feel that this foreigner is not blowing is usually what we are talking about it Well? And “iPhone is no longer the best Google phone” argument, it sounds like there is no reason at all. First of all, there are not too many users to come out to confirm Pixel is the best mobile phone, and “Google phone” and the iPhone has something to do with the relationship.

That the foreigner is how to explain it? Here with a look.

Apple’s hardware, Google’s software

Under normal circumstances, used iOS and Android devices, users will usually be Apple’s hardware and Google software to attract. This point of view, the foreigner in the eyes of the “Google phone” is clearly understood as “Google mobile phone software.” So, he went on to explain, after he has been that the market can buy the best “Google phone” is the iPhone, because the best hardware from Apple.

Google is not mean to provide the most excellent software services to the iOS platform, see Apple’s App Store shelves Google Apps family bucket package, almost no lack of Google software services, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides And so on, we also used Chrome, Gmail and Google Maps, readily available. But, frankly, the software in the course of the user will always feel the lack of what the key factors, and Google in the development of these applications and design, Apple is no longer closely follow the design guidelines, nor Will consider the first time compatible with iOS’s latest system features. For example, last week, Google has just released for the Gmail application, the most significant update in four years, but after the experience you will find the two platforms have been very different.

Not only the iOS platform, Android camp huge amount of equipment, in so many variables under the experience is difficult to reach an agreement. For example, the Samsung push their own services rather than Google, LG’s user interface is entirely Android highly customized version, even the Nexus can not be the perfect fit as Pixel can be said that before never had a real “Google phone “. Android camp now software can be described as cohabitation, many are driven by money and interests.

Apple’s hardware design is very good, but Google that a set of applications used in the above, always follow the iOS platform features, it is not Google’s own experience.

Pixel’s Google service is what?

iphone is no longer the best mobile phone

Foreigners said that all in the Pixel machine on the Google ideas are all started.

As the Google independent Pixel brand of smart phones, its boot interface from the “G” logo, this is the Google logo as the center of the splash screen, rather than the familiar green Android robot, Android is equivalent to Pixel basis. For this pure “Google phone,” the greatest value is, GoogleAssistant virtual assistant for the time being Pixel exclusive. In addition, Google Photos, which has unlimited storage for movies or photos, is exclusive to Pixel.

To be honest, GoogleAssistant and unlimited cloud storage of these two Google services, temporarily Pixel mobile phone and other Android devices or iPhone, the biggest difference, because the future certainly more than two.

In addition, Google I do not know in what way to convince the operator is also selling Pixel Verizon, to ensure that its operating system updates push match the official time, which is the same as the treatment of the iPhone. Android camp for the user, the monthly security updates can be described as luxury, good luck, then some manufacturers will provide the latest upgrade, but from time to time. Therefore, a long time, iOS platform is the biggest advantage in this.

Google will not only regularly update the operating system for the Pixel mobile phone, but also regularly update the core applications, and provide the latest features and design adjustments. The key is that you do not have to wait four years for iOS users to make a meaningful update to Gmail, Pixel users can continue to use the best experience of Google applications and services.

Many people boast Apple’s ecosystem to do well, that is, iPhone experience can be across to Mac computers, iPad Tablet PC and AppleWatch and a series of Apple hardware products, and Apple’s core experience completely unified. Google is still not, but Google is also constantly advancing its hardware product plans, introduced as Chromecast, Google Home and DaydreamView and other hardware products, and Pixel will be the core experience of Google hardware, its status will become increasingly apparent.

Of course, Pixel’s operating system or Android, but it is not everyone said that the most pure, the most common Android operating system. Since the Nexus mobile phone main push pure Android for long-term selling point, Motorola and other equipment manufacturers to follow suit, known as the most primitive experience. Pixel mobile phone system version of the Android 7.1 Nougat, but Google is still a slight customization of proprietary elements.

Pixel machine starter and traditional drawer-style slightly different, more conducive to other applications added to the Dock. At the same time, the new search button is now placed on the side of the weather widget, the main screen is to display the current date of the components, touch the home screen button will also have some minor animation, double touch fingerprint sensor can easily The notification information is displayed. Many of the Pixel experiences have minor tweaks and changes, but all of them are designed to enhance the experience, not to split the phone’s functionality.

Will only get better

If you take some time to fully experience the Pixel smart phone, I believe you will certainly feel that Google seems to have the next few years will be what kind of vision of Android, very clearly portrayed, and Pixel is all changed Start.

In short, the combination of hardware and software on this road, Google Pixel mobile phone began to catch up with the iPhone, but not just the beginning, at least as a Google service flagship machine, Pixel in their camp has completely beyond the Apple, become worthy of the name The best “Google phone.”

For users who are looking for the best “Google experience” smartphone, you can get it by purchasing an iPhone before, but now this location is a Pixel smartphone, and you can get even more.

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