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in the color of this matter on the charm blue note5 and these phones in parallel

Each manufacturer will finally release their own mobile phone, saying that look at this battle (it is said there are cell phone manufacturers to be developed shortly after the conference) mobile phone manufacturers are bound to start in 2017 more intense competition for the market and people’s eye, that in the Coming in the past 2016 years, especially in the latter part of time, which of the highest color? Saying that the author most like Meizu, because the UI is too beautiful, well, let’s take a look at today recommended several mobile phone bar.

I believe many of my friends recently did not charm blue mobile phone is very interested in, yes, Charm blue phone is not only cost-effective. 2016 is near the end, but the charm of blue phone can be said that the fire was a mess, why do you say? The first is the configuration is the most mobile phone price. In the thousands of mobile phones is indeed the configuration of the “leader.”

Charm Blue Note 5 with 5.5-inch full HD screen, covering 2.5D arc glass. It is worth mentioning that, support the new smart eye function. Body with integrated metal body and nano-injection antenna, body lines tough. After the shell after 12 double-layer 3D sandblasting gun, bringing a good impression at the same time, feel fine and delicate. The color has brought more Star gray, moonlight silver, champagne gold and glacier blue four fashion colors.

Configuration, the charm blue Note 5 equipped with 8-core 64-bit Helio P10 processor, memory, the highest standard 4GB large memory, which is rare in the thousands of machines, storage space 16GB and 32GB optional. Camera, rear camera selection of a 13 million pixel CMOS, the fastest to support 0.2s phase focus, front 500 million pixel camera, support system-level beauty mode. Network, to support China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three operators; is to bring 6-mode 18 frequency, you can fly abroad to use international traffic, you can roam.

OPPO R9s Plus OPPO family is the new flagship of large-screen camera, 6.0-inch large screen means that the machine can accommodate larger capacity battery, OPPO R9s Plus equipped with 4000mAh high-capacity battery, life is more outstanding.

Machine equipped with custom optical anti-shake technology, can effectively increase the screen brightness, enhance the dark details. And the machine also uses dual-core focus and F 1.7 large aperture, and R9s, OPPO R9s Plus is also equipped with Sony and common research and development of the IMX 398 sensor, the main camera for 16 million pixels, imaging results are outstanding.

OPPO R9s Plus using eight-core MSM8976 Pro processor, the parameter is upgraded to 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM, and supports up to 128GB of storage expansion. On the self-timer, equipped with a 16 million pixel front camera, imaging results more clearly, more sharp-looking portraits, like the big screen while keen self-timer friends may wish to look at.

If the thousand dollars machine can also have a large battery and a good user experience, then this year we have seen some of the examples of mobile phones. But if you tell you not only the previously mentioned, there are dual cameras and 4GB RAM and other flagship machine is equipped with the configuration, how would you think? Yes, this is the second half of this year just released shortly after the sale of outstanding glory to play 6X.

As a thousand positioning products, the glory of playing with the flagship models now popular 6X rear dual cameras, rear 12 million pixels +2 megapixel dual camera, front 8 million pixel camera. Configuration, a total of 3GB +32 GB 4GB + 32GB 4GB +64GB three versions optional, with 16-nm eight-core of the Kirin 655 processor.

Glory and smooth play 6X equipped with 5.5-inch full HD eye screen, metal body and rear fingerprint identification module, the network supports 4G + and VoLte, for the recent comparison of the topic of telecommunications fraud, the machine is equipped with intelligent security base station Function, security for the user’s communication security.

As a new attempt to Huawei, Huawei nova with a new color-hit skylight design, with 5-inch exquisite body, 800 million pixels +1200-megapixel camera portfolio, and strive to meet the consumption tendency of young groups.

As a flagship young consumer products, Huawei nova has a 5-inch exquisite body, smart design language fashion, positive cover 2.5D glass, the use of one-piece metal body, the border with a special drawing process, the back difference The choice of sandblasting process, making the whole texture and feel have improved. Configuration, Huawei nova equipped with a Xiao Long 625 processor, provides a 3GB +32 GB and 4GB +64 GB of memory combinations, running EMUI 4.1 system, built-in 3020mAh battery. In the camera, the Huawei nova was focused on building, front 800 million pixel camera, combined with the new beauty 3.0 algorithm, you can achieve real-time beauty, beauty, young users to facilitate social sharing. Rear 12 million pixel main camera.

Currently in the two thousand of this price, the domestic market is almost OPPO and vivo swept the two companies, nova can give consumers the emergence of a choice. Balanced and rational configuration, excellent battery life, exquisite appearance, and excellent camera and video experience, I believe nova has the potential as its name, like a rising star, leading the fashion trend.

October 17, Nubian officially released the new series of products Mavericks Nubian Z11miniS (hereinafter referred to as the Nubian miniS), which is a main high color value and camera phones, all-metal appearance in improving the value of the But also has a more comfortable feel, not only that, Nubian miniS or the first domestic launch of the 2300 pixel Sony IMX318 sensor products, if you want to buy a both appearance and camera phone, Nubian miniS worth your visit Concerned about.

In design, the Nubian Z11miniS keep thin, rounded, based on the use of all-metal body technology, the screen than the previous generation of the big 0.2 inches, but the handle has no big feeling. Configuration, Nubian miniS equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 625 8-core processor, 4GB +64 GB storage portfolio, 14nm Xiao Long 625 in ensuring strong performance while its power control is also very eye-catching. The more mature nubia UI in terms of functionality and fluency are worthy of recognition. Network, Nubian miniS dual card dual standby to support the whole network, support 7-mode 18-band full Netcom +, very comprehensive. In the camera, the Nubian miniS first to use up to 23 million pixels Sony IMX318 sensor, which is currently the only one thousand dollars inside the machine equipped with the sensor products, which also allows Nubian miniS whether it is camera software or Hardware continue to maintain the advantage.

Although a small screen machine, Nubian miniS both appearance and workmanship are people feel the flagship machine manufacturing standards, as well as the quality of the photo is also very good, to a very high level. Nubian miniS price of 1499 yuan, is still worth buying.

Cool as shares Cool after the first joint release of the new Cool1 has officially landed, the phone changed the style of the past Cool, no longer take the business route, integration of music as the resources to create a thousand dollars a dual camera phone. The combination of music as a new series, cool1 not only has a strong hardware configuration, also has dual cameras, as well as music as the ecosystem, but also play ecological anti-negative slogan.

virgin mobile phones forsale

Configuration, cool1 mobile phone CPU using eight-core 64-bit Qualcomm Xiao Long 652 processor, with 4 A72 core and 4 A53 core, A72 core frequency of 1.8GHz, is also a few thousand or so little use of Xiao Long 652 mobile phone. Using a large memory on the 3G 4GB and 32GB of storage to provide the body, the specification is relatively high. The screen is used 5.5 inch 1080P screen, with dual 13 million pixel camera, color plus black and white camera, in addition to 8 million pixel front camera. Batteries, with 4060mAh large battery, network support dual card dual standby to support the whole Netcom. This configuration is in Thousand dollars not good goods? Take a look at the configuration of several mobile phones Cool1 back

Overall cool1 phone has dual cameras, Qualcomm eight-core processor, 3G 4GB memory, 4060mAh battery, etc., and the price is only 1099 yuan, is definitely the same price in the highest price of a phone. Cool1 mobile phone name ecological anti-negative slogan, with EUI bring a lot of content, and cool1 is not only selling hardware, or selling music as the content, and these content is to create more value for the user.

In October, the hammer held a press conference, launched the M1 and M1L two new products, these two models configure a comprehensive upgrade, and even the conference is very proud to point out that the hardware configuration “daunting” seems to want to tell you, Feelings can also make configuration all the way hurricane.

Appearance, the hammer phone to cancel the previous two generations has always insisted on the three stripes of physical buttons, and the iPhone to the same round Home key, and integrated fingerprint identification module. The back of the 2.5D arc glass, the lens moved to a more position below, feelings logo position has become closer to the bottom. Configuration, the hammer M1 with full blood version Xiaolong 821, with 4GB RAM +32 GB ROM storage portfolio. M1 with 5.15 inch 1080P JDI screen, camera, rear: 23 million pixels IMX318, optical image stabilization, laser + phase focusing, F2.0. Front: 4 million pixels (2μm), F2.0. Elsewhere, the hammer M1 battery capacity of 3050mAh, support Qualcomm QC3.0 standard fast charge, known as charging 5 minutes call 3 hours and 31 minutes.

Some people say that idealism lost to reality, Luo Yonghao reply to this is: I do not care about winning or losing, I was serious. This almost paranoid pursuit of both the achievement of the hammer’s unique, but also inadvertently become an invisible shackles, hammer M1 ​​M1L shows that the retention of style and toward the mainstream between a trade-off. Hammer M1 pricing is 2499 yuan, interested friends can consider the next.
in the color of this matter on the charm blue note5 and these phones in parallel

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