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in order to save time gifted to a friend mobile phone into a destination

American taxi software excellent step 2 to add new features, will be friends into the location of the driving destination. This is the first major update of Gifted Software since 2012.

Travis Karlnik, founder and CEO of UTS, told media reporters earlier this week that the update is designed to save everyone time.

Those who want to travel to someone at a location can connect with their phone contacts and use someone’s location as their destination. Just enter someone’s name in the input field, and you can ask your friend for permission to share their location details. The driver will take the passengers directly to a friend’s location.

in order to save time gifted to a friend mobile phone into a destination

New features will be in the next few weeks in the iOS system and Andrews system gradually.

With the smart mobile phone is increasingly becoming a helper in people’s lives, many people use the phenomenon of mobile phone addiction. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a team of designers developed a smart box, named “distracted”, designed to help people get rid of mobile phone addiction. This smart box uses the battery, can put down at most 4 mobile phones at a time. Users simply put the phone in the box, set the time required to close the box, to the time after the box will automatically open, as to allow mobile phone “sit prison.”

After closing the box, the user has 5 seconds to cancel the previous operation, and then unless the time, otherwise the only way to open the box is a strong break. However, the R & D team is currently only launched a “distracted” prototype. They are starting it for the crowd, hoping to raise before October 19 to 40,000 euros (about 298,000 yuan)

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