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I do not care if i want to resign because Google is paying too much

After the Spring Festival, the companies ushered in a wave of job hopping and recruitment of the peak. Resignation reasons tens of millions, wage dissatisfaction is often one of the major reasons. Can you resign because of low wages, have you heard of the high salary because of the job? Google parent company Alphabet car project staff because of this reason one by one run.

According to Bloomberg News, due to Google from 2010, the “extraordinary salary reward system”, which includes performance based on the basic salary, high bonuses and equity. And its unmanned car project old employees due to the existence of high salaries and high bonuses, has no need to protect the work. So many employees choose to leave the business.

In addition to wages, employees are awarded bonuses and shares, which are placed in a special entity. A few years later, Google uses a multiplier for these rewards, and can be partially or fully redeemed. Unmanned car project staff salary structure is the employee’s personal income and project performance, rather than Google’s advertising business linked, so these money enough to take the money to take the money away.

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At the moment, Alger has been aware of this issue that has enabled a more unified remuneration package for Google’s autopilot car project, and Alphabet has modified some paychecks over the past year. But there are problems, that is, some analysts question whether it is intended to use this way to cut key talent. Poor Google, regardless of salary increase or money, some people will be unhappy.

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