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huawei mobile phone is optimistic about the indian market

A lot of mobile phone and telecommunications network opportunities

According to foreign media reports, huawei mobile phone has deep plowing in the Indian market for many years, they know that the great potential of a large population. Recently, huawei mobile phone rotating president Hu Houkun said that India is a very important and promising emerging markets, in the mobile phone and telecommunications network business there is a huge business opportunity.

In September this year, huawei mobile phone said they set up factories in India in the future to build mobile phones, and with good relations with local operators, huawei mobile phone’s development in India has been very rapid.

“India is a very promising market for mobile broadband,” said Hu Houkun. “In addition, the country has a large population, and demographically, the majority of young people in India, so we must strongly support the terminal business development of.”

huawei mobile phone is optimistic about the indian market

Hu Houkun’s position is not surprising in fact, because the Indian market has become the world’s recognized potential shares, in addition to a strong public distribution of Chinese companies, Apple and Samsung have repeatedly stressed the importance of the market.

With the local population of 1.2 billion, India’s future is bound to become second only to China, the world’s second largest smart phone market, and now India’s smart phone penetration rate is still very low, so the future of various manufacturers will usher in a new smart phone Sales climax, which in the global sales of intelligent machines into single-digit growth era is extremely valuable.

Today, huawei mobile phone already has its own research and development center in Bangalore, and it will expand its scale early next year. After completing its brand image building in India, huawei mobile phone needs to build its own digital ecosystem and to attract young consumers with cheap equipment.

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