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hi-tech fair unprecedented: innovative products get together vr mobile phone into an innovative benchmark

6-day fair on November 21 in Shenzhen, the successful conclusion. This year for the successful establishment of the first 18 years of the fair, to this fair also ushered in the “adult ceremony.” 18 years, the scale of the fair has become increasingly large, exhibitors become more and more, the same is the enthusiasm of people attending, and the future of science and technology change the ardent expectations.

Participants in the field experience VR mobile phone audience

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HyCal, the world’s first rare earth electric film, the world’s first holographic interactive entertainment center, the world’s first based on the world’s first “dual function” bio-based material HyCal, the world’s first rare earth heating film, the world’s first holographic interactive entertainment center, Subtrate process fingerprint recognition chip, the world’s largest face recognition cloud platform Face ++, the first true featherweight lightweight global design patent accordion VR and other products all debut. All sorts of people contend, it seems to the fair of the “adult rite” presented “birthday gift”, and many “birthday gift”, from color to innovation, revolutionary or vaguely VR mobile phone.

Fair “adult ceremony” birthday gift to play: VR mobile phone

VR technology this year is the first year, the high-tech fair, VR products shine. VR theme park, Phantom Star VR experience Museum and so gave the audience a deep impression, in many VR products, the most eye-catching was undoubtedly the VR mobile phone, smart phone industry in the current stagnation of innovation in the context of innovation is not only strength Play, there are more practical significance, VR phone can become the most dazzling “birthday gift” in this.

The fair, Paul thousands of miles to bring the world’s first VR mobile phone debut. The world’s first VR mobile phone, the difficulty is beyond imagination, VR lens thickness can not be changed, how to let it blend in the phone does not seem unexpected, and 360 panoramic view is not blocked, it has been spent on the designers Countless brainpower. VR imaging system and mobile phone system is two independent systems, how to make two systems perfectly compatible in series, is also no great predecessors to lead the way the problem. And how to make the two VR lens imaging parameters of the same, the light coaxial to achieve integration and image edge of the perfect transition of the stitching and other technical problems, each project team spent at least many years of painstaking efforts.

VR panoramic camera is to protect thousands of miles to make VR phone lore weapons, but also the mobile phone industry is currently no way to develop a real VR mobile phone technical problems. But also through the image recognition, stitching algorithm, will be before and after the VR camera framing fusion for a sphere, so that the two hemispheres of the pixel size, color, brightness and other parameters the same.

Paul Trinidad grew up as a high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, it can be said, VR mobile phone is sent to Shenzhen, this innovative city full of ingenuity and innovative “birthday gift.”

In addition, Paul thousands of VR mobile phone can be more than a “first card”, now popular field of artificial intelligence, security for thousands of miles over the years has been actively layout of scientific and technological innovation ecosystem, in the field of artificial intelligence is the strength to play. Xiaobao robots also appear together in this year’s high-tech fair, playing a small treasure is to protect the thousands of miles to make intelligent research and development of a new generation of interactive robot to video technology as the core, equipped with intelligent applications and service systems, access Internet access, with video data collection and feedback, human-computer interaction, face recognition, information dissemination and push, social and other functions, while connected with the cloud platform for large data synchronization and analysis.

In addition to playing Xiaobao, this time to participate in the fair there, playing make the mirror, playing to make the lamp, just listen to the name on the imagination, the lamp, mirror, fairy tale scenes moved to the fair site , Naturally attracting a large number of fans to come to visit and experience, Paul thousands of booths become a high-profile meeting one of the largest pedestrian flow.

In addition, this year’s high-tech fair, in addition to VR mobile phones, VR helmet, VR one machine competing to debut, such as cool open, HTC, 3GLASSES, Da Peng technology, bright wind, easy pupil and other well-known VR / AR companies are Set up a booth, these companies together to promote the outbreak of the VR industry.

Innovation and progress: Shenzhen ‘s genes and mettle

The 6th day of the 18th Hi-Tech Fair to “drive the quality of innovation-led” as the theme, showing a strategic breakthrough in the field of cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship of the latest achievements. There are 37 countries, 3533 exhibitors, 23,334 projects exhibitors and storage, during which attracted a total of 97 countries and regions from 58.9 million viewers.

China, Tencent, BYD … … a group of Chinese “technology giant”, from here to the world, witnessed the common technology of the take-off.

Now, the high-tech fair as the vane of science and technology industry increasingly significant significance, Huawei, Paul thousands of miles, large Xinjiang and other exhibitors of the fair in Shenzhen local successful enterprises, Shenzhen is becoming a new generation of innovative city samples.

30 years, from the year of the small fishing village to the north and now go head and neck with the wide city, including hardships, such as water heating and self-knowledge, rely on is the innovation and inclusion spirit, Shenzhen is a result of innovation and health city, The Chinese economy under the new normal development of the vanguard of innovation.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is no exaggeration to say is synonymous with Shenzhen. To Huawei, Paul thousands of miles, Xinjiang, for example, Huawei’s patented technology in the world is a must, products exported to more than 100 overseas countries and regions, well-deserved backbone of national enterprises. In the field of optical design and image processing ten years of solid technical accumulation in October this year, leading the global mobile phone market, the first to launch the world’s first VR mobile phone, innovative full. The Xinjiang UAV in the field of consumer-grade, its products has always been a ride away from the inception to the present after 10 years of development, Uighur Xinjiang UAV has occupied 70% of the global market share.

Obviously, Huawei, Paul thousands of miles, such as Xinjiang’s innovation-oriented enterprises have become Shenzhen’s “city card”, the spirit of innovation “living fossil”, a common interpretation of the spirit of Shenzhen – dare to be pioneers and innovative.

hi-tech fair unprecedented: innovative products get together vr mobile phone into an innovative benchmark

Guo Wanda, executive vice president of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said: “From the fair, we can see the innovation power of China’s economy, strategic emerging industries become a new engine of economic growth.” From VR mobile phones, Imported bags of UAV products, and then to the intelligent control of new energy vehicles … … 18-year-old through the fair, “Rite” can be found in China’s new economic growth momentum gradually formed.

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