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greatly hit 5 million by oppo mobile phone also won the china new song second quarter title

Powerful my OPPO! In the November 25 meeting of the Zhejiang Merchants, “China’s new song” in the second quarter of the exclusive title of the open tender, the final OPPO ho throw 500 million to win. Compared to the first quarter of the naming fee of 400 million yuan, the “New Song 2” title fee has more than the first quarter, and “Run Brothers” fourth-quarter title fee flat.

Hit four years of “phenomenal” variety “good sound of China”, this year due to copyright issues changed its name to “China’s new song.” October 7, “China New Songs” finals live in the Bird’s Nest staged, and the 2015 “good voice of China,” the fourth quarter finals ratings for the 6.843%, the highest peak of 7.518 ratings, ratings share up to 27.358% CSM52 city data show that in 2016, “China New Songs” Finals ratings 3.956%, the market share of 16.05%. Although the whole season, “China’s new song,” the highest ratings record, but compared to last year’s ratings are still a significant decline.

It is worth mentioning that, netizens revealed that another “trench” plant vivo in this bid to 495 million bid in second place, did not win the naming rights. Blue and green two plants really is rich and powerful, trench gas pressing.

Although the ratings are less than expected, but “China’s new song,” the official micro-Bo said, “New Song 2” preparatory work has been intensively carried out. At present, the program group has announced two candidates for mentor, Jay will continue as a contestant mentor to participate in the program, and Eason Chan also announced to join the new mentor.

In the case of Jay Chou and Eason Chan two king-class characters, it can be predicted that the “New Song 2” ratings will be very popular, OPPO visibility will scale new heights.

greatly hit 5 million by oppo mobile phone also won the china new song second quarter title

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