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gps scan three minutes a collection of positioning overflow will destroy the app

Car navigation, mobile phone applications can automatically obtain the current address, planning lines. Customers consumption, App can quickly recommend “good neighborhood.” Location-based services, in fact, bring a lot of convenience for mobile phone users. But readily upload smart cell mobile phones to share dynamic photos, but also in the social platform to display location information … … more and more “understand you” cell phone positioning, is causing concern: personal privacy is in the “streaking”?

A photo actually “sell” address

The public has been in the micro-Bo Sun shared a child in the kindergarten to take Live Photo photos. Although there is no use of microblogging positioning function, but soon it was a message saying: “your daughter read so and so a kindergarten, a good kindergarten ah.” Private letter asked, Ms. Sun came to realize that the other will her release Live Photo photos saved to your phone, you can see in the phone album directly shooting address.

The so-called Live Photo, that is, starting from the iPhone 6s, Apple phone camera can take dynamic photos. This length of about 3 seconds also contains the voice of the “photo”, is commonly known as “live photos.”

So, dynamic photos will really reveal the camera address? Yesterday, the reporter in the microblogging random search of several users to upload Live Photo photos, and selected three photos did not disclose the address of the dynamic, download and save to the phone. Subsequently, when reporters in the phone “album” view the details of these photos, all three photos show a detailed address, accurate to the specific street and house number.

At the same time, the reporter took pictures of his cell phone in accordance with the location information is automatically classified display, click next to “Show Nearby Photos” feature, the phone screen to the map, and automatically selected from the album in the vicinity of the area shot photos, The number of photos is also shown in the top right corner of the location.

In this regard, Apple customer service, set the address recording function is to help customers more easily sorted photos, use the phone “recall” feature to view the information will be more complete. If you are concerned about the disclosure of location information, in the “Settings” option “Privacy” feature, turn off the camera’s positioning function. But at the same time to remind, this operation may affect the use of other mobile phone features.

Mr. Fang has in their own mobile phone, click on “Settings – Privacy – Location Services – System Services” to find the “go places” this feature, click was shocked. Recorded above all the addresses he has arrived, but also automatically classified, for example, home several times, the unit several times, the Oriental Plaza several times. This is known as the “Chagang artifact” function so that Mr. Fang address him “can not afford to hurt, but turned off the positioning function, and many software and can not be used, and can not be used every time you open it?

Location services has become a Nuggets rich ore

“Know the location is also nothing, or else a taxi when you know where to pick me, ah, as long as others do not have the missile at me, but also nothing to do with the good of the phone, Worried. “For mobile phone applications may reveal their location information, the user’s attitude mixed.

“One night, I use the phone map to check where to go the next day how to go, the results map is real-time line planning, but also reminded me of the next trip there are a few bus stops, and then later may miss The last bus. “Office workers Xia Xin recalled his use of mobile maps can not help feeling,” So where are I, the phone application is really real-time know ah! “

Not only is the travel navigation, and even daily consumer shopping, location-based services also seem to help users save a lot of trouble. For example, living in a bustling commercial area, open the App will automatically recommend a good shop around, discount information, even the store’s free WiFi turned into invisible “small advertising” distributor, small and medium businesses to push the precise information specific Radiation within the range of mobile phone users.

Seemingly free “rub network” has long been effortlessly realized the commercial “cash”, and this behind, all based on the potential consumer position of the lock.

How many opportunities are there in location services?

According to Tencent a data report shows that its location service daily call volume has exceeded 50 billion times, covering 680 million users, involving food and beverage, travel, shopping, life services and other aspects. Previously, the Internet travel platform gifted once on the line in Beijing on the basis of travel information data “UberLIFE (excellent life)”, to provide users with relevant life service information, location services behind the market is evident.

App locator permissions should not be easily authorized

gps scan three minutes a collection of positioning overflow will destroy the app

“I just want to install a reading App, it is necessary to enter my address book permissions?” Students said the snow puzzled. This reporter has learned that many users to download and run the application, you need to grant the application to get the phone in the address book, camera or location permissions, or can not run.

Zhao Zhaoling, a researcher at the Center for Intellectual Property at the China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters that the geographical location information is the scope of personal information, and the geographical information should be collected in accordance with the legitimate, legitimate and necessary principles stipulated in the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Strengthening Network Information Protection.

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“The so-called necessary, is the collection of personal information and provide products or services are directly related to the geographical location information, maps, taxi software need to collect in order to provide basic services and even improve services.But like news client, Video player, there is no need to collect the user’s geographic location information. “Zhao occupation said.

However, Carnegie Mellon University in a recent survey found that many App requires the user to provide data than the actual amount of information required is much greater. Survey, a number of popular Android App at any time to collect the device location, the information can be accurate to the user GPS coordinates of 50 meters, and the frequency of intensive, about once every three minutes. For example, a group called App Groupon Inc. App, in two weeks to request access to customer coordinates information 1062 times; and a weather App in two weeks to request 2000 access to equipment location, every 10 minutes to track once.

In this regard, Cheetah mobile security experts Li Tiejun told reporters, “These App in the acquisition, collection, upload user location information, there must be strict privacy data management and specifications, such as access to location information, mobile phone number should be encrypted, Matching location information with individuals to protect user privacy. Travel or take-away services are another. “

At the same time, Li Tiejun to remind the user, pay attention to the App function and access permissions between the associated, not to arbitrarily authorized, leading to unnecessary information disclosure.

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