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googletango is not just the ar into the mobile phone may also lead to vr device technology revolution

After more than 2 years, Google Tango finally officially launched in the Lenovo mobile phone, the use of smart phone lens recognition space is finally mature, and today in the US-listed Lenovo Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the first use Tango solution wisdom Type mobile phone.

TRI view:

Tango mobile phone can rely on the rear of the three photographic lens, including a 16 million pixel camera lens, depth of field of the imager with the transmitter, and through a different sensor chip and program, so Tango phone You can use a feature called Feature Tracking technology to capture the scene, with the depth of field sensing chip to detect the entire 3D space of the model, and the use of software to identify the pattern recognition error correction may occur.

This technology at first glance is very complex, let alone into the mobile phone, but fortunately Tango’s head Johnny Lee is precisely this leader in the field, earlier Johnny Lee once in a team called Project Natal In his work on Wii technology is also quite thorough, and later they developed a sensation Kinect.

Kinect uses visible light, and through the Israeli company PrimeSense patented technology, the structure of light energy at different angles of injection, and at the same time in accordance with the spot pattern changes calculated different depths.

If you have noticed, the current VR devices, including HTC, PlayStation VR, OculusRift, etc., are equipped with positioning and tracking sensor (such as the location of the tracking system), the positioning of the system is very important, if you are aware of the location of the system, (PS4 is with PS Camera), in order to achieve the user in the VR world, the feeling of movement.

googletango is not just the ar into the mobile phone may also lead to vr device technology revolution

Tango succeeded in condensing this complex technology in a cell phone, the technology behind the VR device on behalf of the future will be able to go further, the use of VR devices no longer need the sensor, you can achieve the dream of moving in the VR world.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is likely to use a similar technology – after all, they have developed the Kinect when the positioning tracking technology has been mastered, but HoloLens when the official sale has not yet known.

It’s one thing to make a special AR device, but adding that technology to your phone is another matter.

ARM executives in early 2016 to accept VentureBeat visit revealed: positioning tracking technology to be added to the mobile phone is not an easy task, after all, this means that the mobile phone needs more specifically for tracking the development of the sensor, but also On behalf of the mobile phone will be more power, which makes this technology more and more difficult to join the mobile phone, and Tango is a soft and hard integration approach to solve the problem may require too many sensors, or even more power.

According to market research firm Digi-Capital, location-tracking technology will be the key to the success of VR and AR devices, and will enable them to open more than $ 120 billion in market value.

While Google has successfully demonstrated their imagination for the next generation of smartphones with Tango, it remains to be seen whether makers such as Samsung, LG and Huawei will be willing to add Tango to their phones.

But Google is not fuel-efficient lights, in addition to find many applications are willing to join the ranks of Tango, but also to find the Chinese Lenovo as the first partner, this cooperation has aroused a lot of reverie, aimed at an Apps application has saturated the Chinese market After all, in the Red Sea of ​​a Chinese mobile phone application market, there is no lack of willing to invest in new technology products manufacturers exist – especially in China’s mobile game makers.

Now, it seems Tango whether to become the next generation of smart phone standards or undetermined.

But from a $ 200 NT can be assembled with the cardboard VR installed, Google has always wanted to rely on low-cost solution, open a market may have a very large gap, the technical relationship is not just the mobile phone the next Development, VR devices may also benefit from Tango.

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